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Domain Names, Web Hosting & Branding

by Anthony Naimo on October 14, 2009

An organization’s website is the single most important piece of marketing collateral it can possess. Its design, functionality, information and aesthetics are pivotal to the ongoing, long term success of an organization business, so great care is required when building a website.

Your business needs to stand out from the rest and distinguish itself as a leader and a domain name is your business’ unique way of identifying itself within the World Wide Web. Establishing a unique, instantly recognizable domain name is fairly simple as many organizations choose to use their business name or an abbreviation of it.

Your customers and visitors need to remember it and be able to access it without being confused by it, and employees need to be able to advertise it via word of mouth publicity. It’s used on advertising, business cards, marketing collateral and in some cases, it is the actual name of an organization.

Therefore, great care is required when it comes to selecting a domain name for your website, registering it and managing it. As all too often, businesses become confused or are unaware of how important this process actually is. It can often be the pivotal aspect that makes the difference between good brand recognition and great brand recognition.

Over time, the needs, requirements and renewal of your domain name and website will change. Web hosting organizations such as can help you and your organization get on track to transferring your domain name as well as reducing the cost of maintaining your website and domain name registration.

Some may think that if they transfer from one domain name registrar to another, it will mean that they will lose their unique domain name. This is not the case. The process of transferring a domain name usually occurs when you decide to change the domain registrar that you use and pay your annual renewal to. Most web hosting companies are also able to help with your domain name registration, and at we can help you make the process seamless and simple, allowing you to get on with your business.

Although the domain name transfer process requires approvals and confirmations amongst the various parties involved in the transfer, the process of transferring your business’ domain from one registrar to another doesn’t necessarily mean your web hosting provider will change. Usually your domain name details are unchanged during a registrar transfer.

Throughout a website’s lifetime, it may be necessary to source a new web host, perhaps one which is more able to help you with your specific needs. You may decide to source a new web host who offers better technical support or services that appeals to your business requirements. If this occurs, it’s important to update the name servers listed for your domain name so your customers and clients can access your website. The name servers essentially tell the visitor’s browser when to find the Domain Name System (DNS) record when they enter your domain name into the address bar of the browser.

Updating the name servers is vital. Essentially it points your domain name to your web hosting service. Without the right information for the browser to make the connection, your target markets cannot reach your website, which can be disastrous in terms of lost leads and sales.

Before changing your domain name’s name servers, it is recommended that your fully set up your web hosting service on your new web hosts servers. You can create a back up of your existing website, and then upload all of the content onto your new web hosting providers server. When everything is ready, you can then proceed by updating your name servers.

Again, the process can be straightforward and simple. Usually it can be completed by logging into your domain name management website at your registrar, and update the name servers with the information supplied by your web hosting provider. After changing name servers, within as little as 48 hours, your domain name will be pointing at your new web hosting provider.

Although a majority of businesses that decide to change web hosting providers will both transfer their domain name and update name servers, the two processes are unique and do not necessarily have to be done together. In fact, it is common for businesses to do one and not the other until the need arises. A good idea is to assess and evaluate your business requirements at the time and forecast your business needs over the proceeding twelve month period.

Finally, another important process of ensuring your website is accessible and active is ensuring that the DNS settings are entered and correct. The Domain Name System is basically a hierarchy system for anything that is connected to the Internet, such as your organization’s website, which associates pieces of information with the domain names that are assigned its respective participant. In simple terms, DNS translates human readable domain names into computer readable server addresses.

At we are able to assist you and your organization update this particular information easily and seamlessly to ensure there is no drop in the service that your website provides your customers.

For instance, our fully functional and simple DNS management tool that allows you to add, edit or delete DNS records, manage host name records and much more. Your technical support team can enter this information and ensure that the hierarchy of information that flows and connects to each other is maintained, ensuring your website is up and running. And we also provide 24/7 technical support should any issues arise.

By ensuring that you employ a well-rounded and helpful web hosting service that can help you select an appropriate domain name and maintain various domain name requirements, your website will remain to be the single most valuable piece of marketing collateral for your organization.

By getting this right, you can rest assured that your business with reap the benefits of effective branding and marketing.

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Chuck Betlach May 8, 2010 at 8:08 PM

I need to update the address and email information for this domain. Can WebHosting do this or do I need to go to my registrar- I went there and they directed me to you.

Chuck Betlach

Randy5 February 8, 2011 at 11:18 AM

It’s great that mail2web makes it so easy to add and delete DNS records; this is a really important capability.

WrigleyF April 6, 2011 at 8:57 AM

Thanks for the tip about name server updates. I’d hate to lose business due to this kind of oversight.

PotsNPans July 22, 2011 at 12:59 AM

I’m just happy you don’t lose your unique domain when you transfer.

OfftheWall September 2, 2011 at 4:37 AM

Has anyone ever had a problem getting their registrar’s permission to transfer domain names?

OhDonna September 26, 2011 at 6:56 AM

No, but before you sign up with a registrar you should make sure that transferring won’t be an issue.

silkysmooth October 21, 2011 at 10:47 AM

@PotsNPans: i agree totally. in fact, if i had to choose between keeping my domain name and transferring, i’d probably choose to stick with my domain name.

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