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Getting to Know Gallery 2, Part 2: Installation

by Melissa Smich on October 5, 2009

How to set up Gallery 2

Last time I gave you an introduction to Gallery 2. Now that you’re familiar with it, let’s get started setting up your Gallery application together! If you don’t have a gallery hosting account please visit us at

Gallery 2 hosting by

First of all, go to and login by entering your domain name and password. Control Panel

Under Linux Hosting, you’ll see the Application Manager. Linux Hosting Application Manager

Find “Gallery – Photo album” and click to “GO”! Application Manager - Gallery 2

Gallery will installed on your Linux web site. Click the links below to access the application. Your gallery application will install at Application Manager - Gallery 2 Installation

If you click the link, it will pop up a new window and set up will begin! If you want, you can change the name of the sub-directory it will be installed in.

Gallery 2 Installation - Directory Selection

After clicking the “Continue” button, installation will start. The Gallery application is quite large, so it will take around 30 minutes for all the files to be copied to your website.

Gallery 2 Installation - Progress

Gallery 2 Installation - Progress

Once the copying is complete, you can follow the steps as shown in the following images.

Gallery 2 Installation #1

Gallery 2 Installation #2

Choose your installation type. If you want to use your gallery on multiple sites, follow the “Multisite Installation”. We are continuing with the “Standard Installation”.

Gallery 2 Installation #3

It will jump to Storage Setup. Follow the order and continue as in the following images.

Gallery 2 Installation #4

Gallery 2 Installation #5

When you reach the database setup section, you can simply leave the settings as they are entered and “Save”.

Gallery 2 Installation #6

Gallery 2 Installation #7

Now you are near the end of the setup process. Just follow the rest of the setup steps and you will be finished in no time.

And now you can start creating galleries and uploading photos. In Part 3, I’ll explain how you can get started creating your first gallery.

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