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I believe its pronounced blojjing: Getting the most out of blogging for your business.

by Matthew Basile on February 9, 2010

Remember the diary or journal? A book of blank pages- often used as a source of divulging someone’s inner most complex feelings and desires, but then only meant to be read by the very person who wrote them. They were secrecy beyond all secrecy, quite often consisting of key locks or kept in hidden places. It was a type of communication that was directed inward, only meant for the self, and because of the diary or journal’s audience (the author), its focus and reason for being was not really important; they were more about capturing feelings as words than having a strategic purpose.

I’ve heard blogs referred to as online journals, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The purpose of the blog is to be read by other people, and if you’re the only one reading it then guess who’s got problems.

Rest assured, just like everything else in the world of web 2.0, there are always resources at your disposal. Plus, there are plenty of blogging  tools, tricks, apps, and features all in the name of getting your blog’s name out there. As a member of the community you have the right to develop your website’s communication capabilities with blogging; these tools will help your blog create positive relationships between your clients and your online business. They will help you organize how you communicate with them, and they help your blog look and work exactly how you want and need it to.

Blogging (or as I like to call it blojjing), starts in one place and one place only; an idea. There should be a reason for your blog because ultimately if you don’t know why you’re writing it, others won’t know why to read it. The reason or strategy behind your blog could include anything: state your political opinion, movie or food reviews, general distaste for your local hockey team that keeps losing over and over again, promoting your comedic career, or facilitating a forum in which users of your website can communicate and learn about your up-to-date services instantly. You can even host them in different scenarios such as podcasting or vlogs which takes the blog from text to an audio video platform. Whether you’re blogging for business or pleasure it always helps to know what purpose your blog serves.

Because there are different reasons for blogging, there are also different platforms and applications that you can use when hosting your blog. It’s important to understand your online market, and because that market is so large it’s necessary to understand which platforms, apps and plugins highlight your business’ blog most effectively.

Here are a few standard platforms and application ideas you can use to promote your blog:
There are two platforms to host your blog on: The hosted or the stand alone platform. The hosted platform is usually the place people go to write their first blog. They’re called hosted blogs because they are literally hosted on someone else’s domain. They are usually free and quite easy to use- most often write and submit are the extent to managing your content. What this platform lacks is where stand alone blog platforms prevail.

The stand alone blog platform is hosted under your own domain/url automatically increasing your website and blog’s online search optimization. These platforms are completely customizable and can be geared specifically to promote your online business. If you’re in a position of hosting your website on a professional platform, this option would make the most sense for the purposes of your business.

Other applications and plugins can be incorporated to optimize how your domain/url organizes content and how the blog organizes itself online. Some of the following apps and plugins were discussed in a related blog on top 10 SEO blog apps, the other featured within the list are standard blog add-ons and software.  When contemplating which apps or plugins work best for you, think; is this contributing to the success of my blog, or is it neutral? The last thing you want to do is add on complex features that do nothing for you in the end.

  • Weblog software otherwise known as blogware acts as the nuts and bolts of how your blog operates, and is designed to simplify the creation and maintenance of your blog.  As the acting hub for content management such software supports the writing, hosting, posting and so on for your blog as well promotes web syndication which moderates comments and other blog posts.
  • Google (XML) Sitemaps – Automatically build and ping multiple sitemap services with an XML file an essential tool in any blogger’s arsenal a of SEO tools.  While the name only mentions “Google,” this plug-in creates an XML-sitemap that can be read by Ask, MSN and Yahoo also
  • Automatic SEO Links – Interlinking your blog can be the key to getting more people to read more of your posts, but it’s a time consuming action. Automatic SEO Links does this for you. All you have to do is tell it which phrases to link to which URLs and it does the rest for you.
  • SEO Friendly Images – Images could take attention of the reader before the subject and create great source of traffic as people search for images. This plug-in helps you with making sure that

you have “alt” and “title” tags on all of your images so that the search engines can properly index them. Read the original article here.

Blojjing for moola.
Your blog can also help bring in additional income. Now we can’t all produce the next Julia and Julia; that blog was a freak of nature, and let’s face it not many people can compete with Julia Child- but there are other, more strategic ways to earn some money from blogging.

Some blogs actually serve as product newsletters; they offer a perspective or a problem solved by the product or service in question. Quite often certain words or items featured in these types of blogs offer e-commerce capabilities where the product or service can be purchased on the spot. Just click, and sold…. Beats the hell out of door-to-door vacuum sales.

You can also generate some blog income through Google’s adsense program. One of their platforms creates a relationship between Google’s adsense program and your RSS feed or blog. By incorporating links from other sites on your blog you can earn extra revenue by displaying targeted texts in your content.

Other features and tools offered by

  • CGI Scripts: (Common Gateway Interface) is a standard protocol that defines how web server software can delegate a generation of webpage software to an application in the form of CGI scripting. (

Its purpose is to facilitate how a webserver responds to the requests for web pages. CGI scripting specifies which, and how information is being communicated between the webserver and the application. When content is analyzed CGI scripting determines the appropriate content to send back to the user. As a blogging tool for your business is utilizes search engine marketing techniques that work for your brand and get your blog and web page at the forefront of other search related results.

  • PhpBB2 theme changes: PhpBB is a tool that is included with our entire series of web hosting plans. It is considered to be the most-popular open source bulletin system for any blog; and with our automatic installer even non-technical users can instantly hook up to the latest version of PhpBB. It’s meant to coordinate a discussion or content forum allowing for two-way communication to be utilized on your website and blog. The benefit of having such a tool is that it organizes how you communicate back and forth with your publics, it keeps feedback instantaneous, and it allows you to stay informed about how others are reacting towards your product or service in either positive or negative ways.

Here are just a few of the features phpBB provides you with:

  • User registration settings
  • User control and anti-spam
  • Posting features such as a WYSIWYG editor and Smilies
  • Member profiles and statistics
  • Password protected forums
  • User signatures, avatars and ranks
  • Private messaging between users
  • Moderation control panel
  • Administration control panel
  • Email and instant messaging notification options

Hopefully this blog post puts into perspective how complex the blogosphere really is. On one hand, you could just write and submit, but by only doing these rudimentary blogging techniques what is being accomplished for your online business? How are you breaking through the crowd of other blogs?

On the other hand you have targeted messaging with unique host domains and complete customization that works to better how you communicate your business. This route obviously implies a little more work and knowledge on your part, but since when has successful online marketing been easy? When strategizing your communication plan consider whether or not you’ve affiliated yourself with a host company which offers you enough tools to improve your blogs functionality, allowing it perform apart and uniquely from every other blog out there.

And now for the explanation as to why I refer to blogging as blojjing. It’s quite simple; with an estimated 112,000,000 plus blog sites out there, none are referred to as a bloj. So this is my attempt to reinvent myself and the medium. Zig when others zag. So the next time someone asks you if you’re blogging, answer no, you’ve moved on to blojjing.

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Mighty_Max February 15, 2010 at 2:43 PM

This was an excellent read… I love the idea of blojjing instead of blogging, very clever…

I know a lot of people really do recommend WordPress as well, I wonder if anyone will ever one up them…

AnthonyJohnson February 19, 2010 at 9:23 PM

Adsense is just the tip of the iceberg.There is so much more than you can do than that like affiliate links, selling advertising slots, doing paid posts – the options are limitless.

MPL February 22, 2010 at 8:49 PM

I wonder if the term blojjing will catch on or not, if so it’d be neat to be able to take credit for it. With all the blogs on the internet I applaud you for trying to give yours some originality!

Rusher February 15, 2011 at 2:34 PM

It amazes me that peopel often fill their blogs with material that once was considered so private it could only go in a personal diary.

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