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Virtuozzo VPS Hosting is the New Kid on the Virtualization Block with Some Mad Skills

by Ozgur Akman on December 29, 2010

virtuozzoMany IT departments today struggle on a day to day basis with the inherent limitations that various IT hardware configurations possess. Due to the physical element of these IT resources, they tend to lack flexibility, scalability or seamless efficiency when integrating new applications or reconfiguring existing ones. This challenge is especially so when it comes to handling servers. IT departments or personnel tasked with maintaining servers will tell you one thing, theses servers need a lot of maintenance and they cost a fortune.

However, with the ever recent advances in technology, there is one innovation that has the capacity to solve most of these issues. This technology comes in the form of Virtuozzo Containers. This server virtualization technology leverages the near ubiquitous virtualization technology to create numerous Containers or Virtual Environments on a single OS. The technology further leverages whatever server resources you have and through VPS hosting, enables you to run more applications on dedicated Virtuozzo Containers, all layered onto one physical server with one OS. VPS hosting has continued to spin off numerous innovations and this is just one of them. Due to the utilization of cloud resources to host and run the server applications, the scalability and flexibility of Virtuozzo VPS ensures your IT department spends more time working and less time doing routine maintenance.

With technological advance comes the need to harness this technology and the Virtuozzo Containers realize this capability with superior efficiency. Thorough cost efficient server virtualization architecture, numerous Virtual Environment partitions can be created in parallel to create a virtual environment that can be configured to any number of unique application run-time configurations. These unique Virtuozzo Containers can be configured with libraries, applications and system software to operate in the same way an actual physical server may operate. Server management, migration and scaling can therefore be easily achieved as these virtual environments have easily configurable interfaces that the IT personnel can access from anywhere through dedicated server-side API’s.

Virtuozzo VPS offers Virtuozzo Containers as a dedicated service and allows IT departments to concentrate on their core responsibilities. This SaaS service further creates an enabling virtual system that helps companies bring their hardware and maintenance costs down while at the same time ramping up their efficiency and flexibility. VPS hosting may have well and truly caught on but with the integration of Virtuozzo Containers, it can only be said that the technology has now surely come of age.

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WrigleyF December 29, 2010 at 11:28 AM

I think after Virtuozzo’s debut, even hardcore programmers would have trouble finding things they can’t do on VPS.

PotsNPans December 29, 2010 at 11:30 AM

I’m so glad Virtuozzo offers libraries; those are one of my favorite applications!

Stoddard May 12, 2011 at 8:42 AM

If your VPS doesn’t allow you to focus on your core businesses, as Virtuozzo does, then you’re going to be much less productive and competitive.

Rusher June 6, 2011 at 8:28 AM

Does Virtuozzo make applications for the cloud as well?

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