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WordPress Hosting: The Ultimate Blogging Platform

by Chinonye on August 3, 2011

WordPressThere are dozens of common blogging platforms, including simple and powerful tools like LiveJournal, MovableType and TypePad. However, WordPress has become the most widely used platform in the last decade since its users enjoy the incredible capabilities and easy-to-understand interface that WordPress provides.

As many professional bloggers have discovered, WordPress hosting services provide even more power and control for a blog, since utilizing a hosting service allows you more control, access and customization ability. If you’re looking for a professional, fully-customizable blog solution for your website, it’s worth considering the advantages of a hosted WordPress platform.

Worry-Free Updates

The WordPress platform allows for easy updates; for a daily blog, that means quicker posting for timely articles. This is critical when you’re posting a news article, and by using a hosted service you can ensure that each and every update goes live without any technical issues that could cause a loss of potential viewers. Faster updates are advantageous to both full-time bloggers and businesses that are looking for a simple way to update posts and website information without an involved, productivity-sapping process.

Complex customizations are also easier than with other platforms or hosted solutions. WordPress is an extremely popular blogging platform, and since there’s a massive user community available for quick help, finding solutions to potentially complex issues only takes a few minutes. Hosted WordPress users can also draw upon the experience of providers for even more control over their platform.

Easy Themes and Plug-ins for Better Control

A common misconception about hosted WordPress websites is that they all look the same, and this would be a major disadvantage, since template-driven websites look unprofessional and have a hard time building a viewer base. Fortunately, hosted WordPress websites don’t have this problem. You can choose from thousands of plug-ins and themes to create a customized experience for your readers. Themes can be customized with user-specific graphics for better branding, which helps to build a website’s identity and to attract regular readers. Standard themes can be used for a unique but simple layout, which can be comfortable for readers and better for text-and-video websites. Blogs that want to integrate shopping carts and other potentially complex features can find a specialized theme with endless potential for customization.

Plug-ins add powerful additional features, and hosted WordPress websites can quickly add dozens of essential plug-ins to aid in formatting and search engine optimization. Some of the most powerful plug-ins include add-ons that create a site map to make a blog easier for search engines to index, leading to better search engine positioning and more views, as well as plug-ins that automatically adapt each post for easy reading on iPhones and other mobile devices.

Plug-ins like CAPTCHA help eliminate spam without making it difficult for readers to add comments, and other security plug-ins can find potential flaws, recommend solutions, and create a much more secure blog – without a lot of added hassle. WordPress plug-ins can be added in a matter of minutes, or even seconds, through the admin interface.

Using Professional Service Providers for Even More Options

However, the most significant advantage of WordPress might be the wealth of professional resources available to their customers. There are scores of independent contractors or companies who provide every type of service possible for WordPress websites, including custom design services, plugin development, search engine optimization, ad placement, brand improvement, and visitor tracking.

These services are affordable, even for new blog owners, and can be implemented much more easily on a WordPress site than on a website using another platform. If you’ve ever tried to find a specialized search engine optimization plugin for some of the lesser used platforms, you know how difficult and expensive help can be. The popularity of WordPress gives it a major advantage in this area and opens up enormous opportunities.

Why a Hosted WordPress Website Makes Sense

There are dozens of great blog platforms, but ultimately you should choose the option with the best potential for easy growth. New features will need to be implemented to keep a website fresh, and readers will want a professional, unique website to keep them coming back. Regardless of what you’re blogging about or how often you post, a hosted WordPress website provides an incredible set of tools for a simple-to-use yet powerful platform.

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PotsNPans August 2, 2011 at 1:56 PM

It amazes me how far ahead of the competition WordPress is. You’d think at least some of them would have caught up by now.

Randy5 August 2, 2011 at 1:57 PM

I wish every plug-in from every company could be installed in a matter of seconds!

Stoddard August 2, 2011 at 1:58 PM

I could always stand to use some brand improvement, so I’m glad there are so many WordPress services for this.

Justin Germino August 2, 2011 at 9:53 PM

The only con of Wordpress is that the PHP based system hogs resources from a hosting provider and can be very touchy with consumption of system resources. It requires a lot of fine tuning on a hosting providers side to accommodate Wordpress blogs and make them run optimally

OfftheWall August 14, 2011 at 8:40 AM

That’s good to know, Justin. As someone who’s not into fine-tuning, that really gives me pause.

silkysmooth October 13, 2011 at 9:48 AM

yeah, and i have plenty of programs that already seem to hog resources: can i handle one more??

Texas2Step November 12, 2011 at 2:08 PM

Still, with all of the WordPress features that are available, I think it’s worth it even if you have to use up a lot of resources. The ease with which you can take care of updates and customize themes is hard to find.

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