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Web Applications on VPS: Fantastico & Plesk Application Vault

by Tim Attwood on September 7, 2011

Fantastico DeLuxeControlling your VPS server environment is something you need to be on top of, no matter if you use your server for business or if you resell portions of the server to customers. Options like cPanel and Plesk offer suites of tools to help control access and administration, as well as ways to help manage the installation of apps for both VPS users and any reseller customers.

App Control Options

Both cPanel and Plesk offer ways to help control and manage the number and type of applications that are installed on any VPS server. This is crucial as the number of apps on the Web continue to increase, in both open-source and commercial form, each with their own requirements for installation and use. By choosing the right application management service, you can ensure that you don’t need to worry about apps – simply install and go – and can adequately control access to apps, both in number and in type, that are downloaded or installed by those who are buying re-sold server space from you.

Parallels Plesk PanelThe Plesk Application Vault

If you are running Plesk, your app control solution will be the Plesk Application Vault. A Plesk Application Vault VPS option will integrate with an existing Plesk panel setup and give you access to a range of features. Your control with the Application Vault will begin with the ability to easily search for and install the latest commercial and open-source apps onto your server. In addition, you will be able to monitor any of the applications that you have installed, as well as where on the server they’ve been installed and how many times they have been installed in total.

The Vault will also let you know when new versions of your applications are available, and if you are reselling VPS space, will give you the power to limit the number of applications that a user can install on their domain, something you can increase when an upsell is needed. There is also a number of Web applications that will integrate themselves with the Plesk Panel itself once installed, giving you a greater degree of control.

cPanel & FantasticoFantastico For cPanel

If you are running cPanel to help manage your VPS, you can use Fantastico to help manage your applications. According to the Fantastico website, this program is currently installed on ten thousand servers, and has over a million users across the globe. This commercial script library automates the installation of a large number of applications to any website, and is most typically installed under the cPanel control panel. Fantastico VPS can create database tables, install software, and adjust permissions – everything needed to streamline the app process. Fantastico is most often used to install open-source applications, though some of the fifty apps it supports are proprietary as well.

Apps You Can Install

There is a broad range of applications that you can install on your VPS server – or allow customers to install – using both the Plesk Application Vault and Fantastico. These include Blogs, CMS, and Shopping Cart options as well as Forums and Photo Galleries. Blog options for both include WordPress, which can also double as a CMS and be used as a podcast creator, as well as MoveableType, an open-source blog application that is currently on version 5.12 as of June of 2011. CMS available are a range of popular options, from the user-friendly Joomla to the more feature-focused Drupal, as well as more eclectic choices such as TikiWiki, Typo3 and Xoops.

If you’re running a commercial website, both of these app installers will allow you to access Magento, which comes in a variety of small business and large enterprise flavors, Zen Cart, Pinnacle Cart, and Cube Cart to name a few. This is especially useful if you are reselling server space for small companies just starting up their ecommerce site – the easier you can make it for them to get up and running, the better. Bulletin board options and photo galleries like phpBB, vBulletin, Gallery and Coppermine are also available. And you can even install FAQ apps like FAQMasterFlex to help answer any questions that visitors to your site may have.

Vault and Fantastico – Making it Easier

Both of these application installers are designed to work with control panels and ensure that apps are as simple, in many cases, as a single click. Your business or the customers you sell server space to can benefit from easily being able to search for and install apps, as well as receive regular updates.

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Rusher September 8, 2011 at 8:44 AM

It’s so nice to be able to just add an app that looks good to you, without having to stop and consider anything else.

PotsNPans September 8, 2011 at 8:45 AM

FAQ apps are super-helpful. Even if customers don’t often using your FAQ section, just having an FAQ section makes your site look a lot more professional.

OfftheWall September 12, 2011 at 2:05 AM

Yeah, I’ve always felt that Fantastico works really well for propietary apps, even if that’s not what it’s known for.

Texas2Step September 12, 2011 at 2:07 AM

I like how the Vault will tell you when new app versions are available. Who wants to have to keep up with that on their own?

Randy5 October 24, 2011 at 10:37 AM

I feel the same way. I want to be able to take advantage of new apps the moment they’re available, so keep those alerts coming, Vault!

silkysmooth January 17, 2012 at 9:10 AM

single-click apps are a dream come true for those who manage a website. people love simplicity and speed, after all. i’m so thankful both fantastico and plesk offer single-click apps.

OhDonna March 1, 2012 at 1:20 PM

I’m just happy that both Plesk and Fantastico allow WordPress as a blog option. WordPress makes pod creation really simple.

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