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Creating your first account in your cPanel VPS

by Tim Attwood on March 19, 2012

cPanelWhen you are first getting started with VPS hosting, the cPanel/WHM area can be a bit overwhelming. However, with time and patience, the learning curve will seem less daunting. Some of the first steps that you will need to consider when setting up your cPanel VPS are how to configure client websites, email accounts and additional services.

Typically when you first purchase VPS hosting, you will have access to an area labeled WebHost Manager, which is also known as WHM. This area is the administration area where you will be able to create new accounts for your customers.

To set up a new hosting account for your customer, follow these simple steps:

In the left column of the WHM menu, look for “Create a New Account” and click on that link.

On the “Create a New Account” screen, you will be prompted to enter several pieces of information. The first box is the domain name that the customer has selected to use for his hosting account. The next box is for the customer’s username. A default value will be automatically filled in that is typically the first eight letters of the domain name. This can be left as is, or overwritten with a desired username. The password field will be next. You’ll notice that actually two password fields exist. The same information must be present in both fields. The password should be very strong to deter hackers. If you just cannot think of a strong password, a randomized generator is provided for you. In the email field, insert the customer’s email address. The cPanel/WHM system will email the account information to your customer.

After the “Domain Information” section, the next section is where you will select the options and configurations for your customer. Some cPanel VPS hosting administrators will create pre-configured packages to offer to their customers. If you have done this, you can simply select a package at this point. Otherwise proceed to choosing the options for the customer including how much disk space and bandwidth you will allow them.

There are a few more settings to choose in the “Settings” area, including whether your client will have a dedicated IP address, shell access and other additional features. Generally, granting shell access to users is not recommended since this can pose a security risk.

The “Reseller Settings” section simply indicates whether or not the client will be able to then create additional accounts. By setting a customer as a reseller, they will also have access to their own WHM area, although it will be limited in function. As with the dedicated IP address, most hosts will charge an additional charge to allow a customer to have a reseller account.

Finally near the end of the page is an area for “DNS Settings”. The best selection for this is to choose “Overwrite any existing DNS zones”. DNS zones can be quite confusing at times, and this is a safe choice in most situations.

The final area to make a selection is the “Mail Routing Settings” area. Typically letting the server automatically detect configuration is the best choice for this option.

At last, click the “Create” button and the server will now configure the customer’s hosting account and email the account information to them. Setting up a hosting account within your cPanel VPS is not really that difficult, as you can see.

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