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Windows Server 2012: Take your Virtual Dedicated Server to the Next Level

by Tim Attwood on September 7, 2012

Windows Server has had a long history of success, adding additional features with every new edition to accommodate the latest technologies and corporate needs. The latest installment of the software, set to be released on September 4, 2012, is Windows Server 2012 is jammed pack with new innovative functions which includes…  

  • Server virtualization capabilities
  • Server management functions
  • Networking abilities
  • IIS 8.0
  • ReFS

Server Virtualization Capabilities

Hyper-V delivers a virtualization program that will assist information technology professionals with meeting corporate goals by providing an end-to-end solution. Hyper-V will allow companies to significantly expand their IT workspace. From virtualizing workloads to building private clouds, Hyper-V offers a cost-effective and feature-heavy platform. Professionals will have the flexibility to create an entire server environment that can support expanding business needs during all phases of the life cycle.

Server Management Functions

From a management viewpoint, Windows Server 2012 delivers a variety of managing capabilities across several machines, improved compliance according to industry standards, universal experience between virtual and physical environments and robust automation.

The new functions found in the 2012 Server Manager include batch deployment, a multi-server experience and a streamlined configuration. Also, the new software delivers integration with other management tools as well as the ability to install features on remote virtual hard disks with the need for physical access to the system.

Networking Abilities

Networking capabilities have significantly expanded since the previous edition of the Windows Server. Administrators are now able to easily manage each user and end-point connection while monitoring efficiency and network availability. These new functions also provide seamless access to remote users as well as communication between private and public clouds.

Overall, each of the new features reduces networking complexity across three primary areas: connecting users to IT assets, linking private and public clouds more easily and managing private clouds.

IIS 8.0

Windows Server 2012 will feature the 8th version of Internet Information Services (IIS) which is a set of extension modules developed by Microsoft. Previous versions of IIS feature anonymous authentication, basic access authentication, digest access authentication, integrated Windows authentication, .NET Passport Authentication, Certificate authentication and UNC authentication. Other features include Client Certificate Mapping, IP Security, Request Filtering and URL Authorization. IIS 8.0 will contain all of the aforementioned functions with the addition of new attributes such as CPU usage caps for specified websites.


Resilient File System (ReFS) is a new filing platform found in Windows Server 2012 and offers vast improvements to NTFS. The new features of the system include compatibility with all current APIs, improved reliability for on-disk structures and integrated resilience. Also, the system will provide automated error-correction on mirrored spaces.

Windows Server 2012 has a bright future as being the best version to date. With extended functionality and increased efficiency, IT professionals can improve productivity while easily completing tasks.

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