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Are You Ready for Facebook’s Next Big Change?

by Meric Alp on May 3, 2013

Well, as usual Facebook is making changes to the way their platform looks and operates for its users. Some people are outraged by the changes that Facebook has made, seemingly without their permission; however, Facebook reassures its users that these changes are necessary in order to keep the platform successful. Most of the recent changes affect the time-line or the news feed. Businesses are wondering how this will affect them and whether if it will affect them in a bad way. 

One thing is for sure, Facebook is the leading social networking platform to date and it has been for many many years.Their changes have actually fueled their success and not slowed it down a bit. In the beginning, Facebook was mostly used by college students or those wanting to find lost relatives or friends. However, over the years, businesses have used Facebook as a part of their marketing strategy or the extension to their customer service. Using Facebook in this way has proven successful, so many businesses jumped on the bandwagon to create Facebook pages in order to interact with new customers and to create a sense of brand loyalty amongst your current customers.

How These Changes Will Affect Businesses

Firstly, let’s take a look at exactly what Facebook has changed and then we can understand how it will affect your particular business.The original news feed page on Facebook shows the likes and comments of friends.The like or comment was bordered by a boring grey bar that really did nothing to draw the eyes to like or comment.

Changes to the Visual Elements

Businesses were finding that even though all of their items were shared or liked, they weren’t getting the results they projected. Facebook realized this and made changes to the way that their feed looked. They made the pictures bigger and gave a new pop to the page by giving a blue line instead of the grey line they previously. The new setup works to outline a person’s likes or comments, which helps businesses fuel word-of-mouth marketing.


The “Following” Function

The “following” function is perhaps the best benefit for businesses to    date. Before, Facebook didn’t have an option for following, they only had one to like a certain page or to friend a certain page. However, people on the go don’t really take the time out to accept friend requests or to even review how many likes they have. However, thanks to the new “following” option, people are able to see what their friends are following in their home feed. If they follow your business’s page, more people are more likely to see it.


Cover Photos

Remember the old Facebook and how you had three main pictures at the top of your page? Those were the days, but they weren’t very good days for businesses. Now, you can use your chosen photo as a cover picture for your page to get your brand noticed. Businesses are using their logos and advertisement as their home cover photo. When a person likes this page, the cover photo appears in their friends home feed, which brings more awareness to a business.

All in all, the changes Facebook made did way more good than harm for businesses. People are slow to accept change, so there are a lot of Facebook users who complain about these changes. However, overtime users seemed to have adapted to them and like them as much as businesses do.


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