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MediaWiki Hosting: Creating your own Wiki Website

September 20, 2011

Made popular by Wikipedia, MediaWiki is a powerful application used by those looking for painless ways to organize large amounts of informational content. MediaWiki offers a familiar layout for easy navigation, a simple editing process and the option of allowing only registered users to update articles if accuracy is a key concern. The articles themselves […]

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eCommerce VPS: Taking your Online Store to the Next Level

September 19, 2011

eCommerce is set to become the single most dominant form of commerce worldwide within the next 10 years, as more and more consumers choose to use the Internet for everything from basic purchases to banking and digital downloads. For your small business, having an eCommerce site up and running to complement a retail location or […]

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VPS Game Servers: Counter-Strike and Beyond

September 16, 2011

As a gamer, you’re all about the FPS — including the lag and the latency that makes your games perfectly smooth or completely unplayable. Games have been evolving on a steep curve over the last few years with graphics becoming ultra-realistic and the difference between a win and loss for any guild, clan or team […]

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Green VPS Hosting: Reduce, Reuse & Profit!

September 15, 2011

Small and medium-sized business owners have more to worry about than ever as the IT market continues to evolve. With every SMB requiring a viable web presence to succeed in their industry, it can often feel like you’re up against a wall when it comes to choosing an option that is both economically viable and […]

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SSL Explained: Keeping your Data Secure

September 14, 2011

As eCommerce transactions increase in both number and value, the need for a secure system to send and receive data is paramount for any business. To this end, the SSL or secure socket layer protocol was developed. This protocol allows any information sent to or from a browser to be encrypted, and SSL certificates were […]

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DNS VPS Hosting: A DNS Server of Your Own

September 12, 2011

As your business grows, there are a number of benefits to upgrading both your server hosting and its functions. You may wish to consider creating your own DNS (domain name system) server in order to streamline user queries.

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Hosted Exchange vs. Email: Elevate your Experience

September 9, 2011

Communication is king when it comes to growing your business. Without dependable, reliable communication, your business will not be able to function effectively, and you may find yourself at a disadvantage when it comes to moving forward in your industry. The days of single, simple email accounts are gone, and it can often be difficult […]

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Spreading the word with Podcast Hosting

September 8, 2011

The landscape of the Internet was changed permanently with the introduction of what came to be known as “webcasts”. These audio clips by ordinary Internet users could be about anything, broadcast from anywhere, and made accessible to people across the globe. With the rise of the iPod as the dominant form of streaming media, the […]

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Web Applications on VPS: Fantastico & Plesk Application Vault

September 7, 2011

Controlling your VPS server environment is something you need to be on top of, no matter if you use your server for business or if you resell portions of the server to customers. Options like cPanel and Plesk offer suites of tools to help control access and administration, as well as ways to help manage […]

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Search Engine Optimization 201: Off-Page SEO Issues

September 6, 2011

You’ve learned what can be done on-page to help increase your search engine rankings and how you can help engines like Google find your page faster and index it on a regular basis. But search engine optimization goes deeper than that, and there are a number of performance metrics that underlie high-performing sites. Thanks to […]

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