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  • How did you create your first site?

    There as so many site builders, pre made templates and other programs like Word Press and Blogger out there that I am at a loss as to what the best option is for someone who wants to create a simple site.

    I'm just looking to make a simple personal site and then a business site to generate some side revenue but I don't know what to use to get started. Has anyone had any great successes (or failures) with anything in particular?

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    I used blogger for my first site and it came out pretty good, however a lot of people prefer Word Press to Blogger. I'm considering making the switch in the near future.


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      Originally posted by MixedUp View Post
      I used blogger for my first site and it came out pretty good, however a lot of people prefer Word Press to Blogger. I'm considering making the switch in the near future.
      Thanks for the input Mix. What is it that you like about Blogger? Why do they say that Word Press is better?

      I've heard some good things about both and about the site builder here as well.


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        Blogger is incredibly simple to use and doesn't require any outside hosting, but I think that may be changing in the future. I just love the simplicity to be honest and I'm cheap so no hosting on all my blogs is beneficial.

        WordPress is supposed to be a lot more flexible though, but as far as I'm concerned you can do anything to Blogger that you can to WordPress it just might take a little more effort at times.


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          I have been trying to get one up with WordPress because everyone talks about how amazing and how simple it is but so far I am not impressed I assume after I get the basics under my belt I will like it a lot more but as of now it is more effort than I expected it to be


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            Hi Knightly, what seems to be causing you trouble Wordpress so far? Perhaps we can assist?


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              It is nothing in particular and is mostly just me not having enough time and patience to do it all in one setting I have not yet bought hosting for it and am just trying to get the hang of turning the "blog" layout into more of a "site" layout by making static pages and adjusting different settings

              It is not quite as easy as people make it sound but I have a feeling that it is just because I am trying to do it all through the free WP hosted version


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                First site

                I don't really made my first site, I hosted it for free on blogger. I brought a domain name for it and browse for free blogger theme and changed mine. No big success yet at the moment in blogging but I'm getting the hang of it now.

                You can have a look, my home page.

                Thinking of moving on to other area like building mini site - still looking and learning now.


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                  It is nothing particular I am just working to make it into something that looks more like a static site People made it sound like a 5 minute process but it is definitely not that quick the first time around

                  Pretty much got the basic idea though but was thinking it would be easier


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                    I did my very first site on GeoCities back when I was like 13, then I used that HomeStead site builder and just climbed the ladder from there.
                    When I was younger I had a real desire to build sites from scratch even though I wasn't very good at it.
                    Recently I started creating sites again, but I opted to do so through Blogger instead because it was free and easy to set up.
                    Word Press is next on my list.


                    • #11
                      I just wanted to chime in about blogger a bit because I did some snooping after getting these great pieces of advice, they are currently in the process of getting rid of their option to host your blog on an outside site and I've heard a few horror stories about sites through them being randomly deleted.

                      If you do use Blogger, be sure to frequently back up your blog... I however don't think I'll be using it even though it sounded great at first!
                      Last edited by Juliette; 2010-02-26, 10:49 AM.


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                        I used wordpress to create my first site. I find it extremely easy and the support is readily available. Anywhere you look, you'll find help. Good luck.


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                          Make Sure It's Universal

                          Regardless of the sitebuilder you choose you must make sure that you will be able to grant access to the files later on. I've heard countless horror stories regarding people not being able to transfer their site files when they wish to do a rebuild. WordPress and Joomla are excellent for this.


                          • #14
                            Joomla and WP

                            Joomla and WordPress still rock for first-timers!


                            • #15
                              I'm old school css <3