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  • How can I increase my site’s exposure in Google?

    How can I increase my site’s exposure in Google?

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    Re: How can I increase my site’s exposure in Google?

    Best way to increase a site’s exposure is by implementing Search Engine Optimization methods for short SEO. Search Google for the keyword “SEO” and you will come across plenty of resources. The one I like is I recommend setting up Google sitemaps.


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      Re: How can I increase my site’s exposure in Google?

      Google also has a number of tools that can help. Adwords will also increase traffic to your site. Check out the following link:


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        Re: How can I increase my site’s exposure in Google?

        If you can get into the html code, you can optimize your site yourself ... at least somewhat.

        If you check out your Web site's home page, and right click it, a pop-up menu will appear. Click "View Source," which will show you all the html coding. In the first part of the coding (the "head" - the part you don't see on the computer screen), you should see a section that says "Metadata" and/or "Keywords." These are the words that search engine "spiders" seek out when returning potential Web sites to search engines.

        If you can get into your site's html and add more of these words - words that you think people will type in to the search engine that want to find your site - then do so. If your site has nothing like this in there, it's no wonder you're not getting any hits. You'd really want to go to an optimization specialist to get the proper coding in there and in the right place in the code.


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          Re: How can I increase my site’s exposure in Google?

          start a celebrity gossip blog


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            Re: How can I increase my site’s exposure in Google?

            Hey Karasy, what is the URL of your site, I can make some comments. If you are interested, you can also visit Thanks


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              To increase your exposure on Google you have to do SEO/Link Building and here are your options:

              1-Submit to Web Directories
              2-Write Articles and Submit them to ezinearticles and other related article directories
              3-Bookmark your website on Social Bookmarking Websites
              4-Write Press Releases and Publish them to Press Release Distributors websites

              These are just some things to get you started


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                Thanks for the info-



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                  Great share. Thanks.


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                    There few ways you need to do

                    1. write article and send it to article directories
                    2. write Press Release
                    Make sure all the article links to your website


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                      I have been working on getting my site better ranked on Google. SEO, backlinks, Adwords they all work but it seems to take a lot of time. Best luck to you.


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                        It really is quite easy but it takes time and patience.

                        Start with Ezinearticles and and publish articles with your keywords in them. Normally you want publish at least six articles for each keyword and have at least 6 keywords (longtailed keywords are best) for each website.

                        Then start backlinking to your site. One way links are best. Your sight should have about 500 related backlinks to get a good Google page rank. Slow and steady or you will experience the Google slap and you will not be able to find your site on Google for at least 2 weeks.

                        Third stard at least 3 blogs pointing back to your site.

                        In about 6 to 8 weeks you should have a page rank of about 2 or 3 and be on the first page for your keywords.

                        We have 51 websites that have a page one presence on Google and Yahoo using this simple methodology.

                        One more point, it is a good idea not to monitize your new site for at least a month. Google is all about information and not commerce.

                        Good luck.


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                          Article submission is a good idea.


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                            Completely agree! Consistent article submission is a key online marketing tool!


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                              Originally posted by Karasy View Post
                              How can I increase my site’s exposure in Google?
                              I will help you.