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  • SEO tips

    Anyone have any search engine optimization tips for a beginner? I'm curious to see how people have boosted their SEO's in the past.

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    We recently did a top 10 for SEO tips in our blog.

    Check it out -


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      There are different tools and techniques to promote your website through our search engine optimization strategies. SEO marketing allows a business the opportunity to adhesive their relevance within a given series of search terms.


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        Start off with a free indexing software program. But make sure it doesn't go after 30,000 sites on the first run, start off with about 200 sites to index with.


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          I saw many forum user are still asking what are other SEO tips. lol which is almost all forum have it.


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            on page optimization and back links



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              SEO Tips

              Get the SEO Quake add on for fire fox. Then go to and open an account. in the settings section you can add your url. stay signed in, go to google and search site: "liked this". Seo quake will give you the PR for every page. Click the heart icon on any page with a good PR, that will automatically create a backlink, you can create hundreds of these in just a couple hours or get an account and just watch the video for that. do a you tube search for matt carter SEO academy.

              lol, thats the best i can explain it.
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                Create amazing and unique content that will help inspire people. That’s what’ll really help your SEO.


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                  1. Interesting and Descriptive to read
                  2. Quality of the Content
                  3. Short and Sweet Title
                  4. Relative Meta Description
                  5. Optimal keyword Density Ratio
                  6. SEO Friendly Url
                  7. Keywords in First Paragraph
                  8. Use of Headings
                  9. Focusing keyword
                  10. Image Optimization
                  Interesting and Descriptive article - No one is going to like boring long articles so write your content interest to read and descriptive content that will clear all things about the article title.
                  Quality of the Content - Don't copy Paste whole content from the other website that never going to bring you traffic. Google has very good eye to find out the Duplicate contents. Avoid Keyword stuffing and other Black-hat SEO tricks.
                  Shot and Sweet Title - Title must be relative and the Key phrase Keywords must be present in the Title. And in length is better to keep it between 40 to 65 Characters.
                  Relative Meta Description - Writ a short and sweet 156 Characters that will explain your whole story of the article will help to know better in Search Engines Results Page.
                  Optimal Keyword Density Ratio - Maintain your Keyword Density in the Safe manner to not getting Google Algorithm Penalties.
                  SEO Friendly URL - Url of the content must be meaning full to the content. Then search Engine highlight the Url Keywords also it's a boosting signal for the SEO.
                  Keyword in First Paragraph - Use the Keywords in First Paragraph so search Engines know this is the content really explains about the Title.
                  Use of Headings - Use prober headings tags h1, h2, etc... It will make readability easier and Nice Chapter wise content.
                  Focusing Keywords - Highlighting the Keyword with strong or em tag will increase the visibility of the point you are really want to reader by people also it's add some weight in SEO.
                  Image Optimization - One Image can explain everything better than long story content so add an image and Optimize image using proper Alt Tags.


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                    If you use WordPress, You can use these Wordpress plugins for helping you improve your website’s SEO.