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  • Exchange Alternate EMail

    I recently subscribed to Exchange email hosting here at For the most part the transition has gone smoothly. I am however a bit perplexed on how to handle an email account, from another domain that I own, in Microsoft Exchange. I was under the impression that I should set up an alternate email address for that email address and that I should forward the secondary email to myself. That doesn't make sense because the email will look like it is "to" me at the primary domain. I need to discern which domain the email was originally sent to so that I can create a rule and have the email delivered to the proper sub-folder.

    I'll break this down into an example;
    Let's say my primary email address and Exchange account is for

    My secondary POP email account is

    So how do I get the secondary email into my Exchange account and make it look like it was sent "To"
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    Hey mikec,

    There are two types of forwarding, Outlook refers to the two differently but most email systems do not clarify properly but do it the way you're referring.

    In Outlook, you can forward messages or redirect messages and redirecting is more of what you're looking for. When you redirect a message, the message From & To Addresses of the original stays the same.

    In most email systems, it is actually redirection that occurs when you specify forwarding on the server side (in your email administration panel). In all cases however, the email header information will contain the original details so you can always create rules based on header information.

    Certainly, within our Exchange systems, you can also use the email aggregator instead of forwarding and this will have the same effect as redirection, the only difference is that it is generally slower to retrieve mail then if it was forwarded since the aggregator is required to check for mail periodically.


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      Thanks Jeremya. I believe I understand what you're saying. Following my example above it sounds like I should create an Alternate Email called something like, redirect the email to that account, and that would allow me to capture this unique forwarded email looking at the "To" field and allowing me to place it in a specified folder via some rule. In other words anything that came in as 'TastyTators' would be immediately identified as originating from the other domain. Otherwise I would have to burrow through the header information and look for the origin. I'd rather be able to see it visually and immediately in the "To" field. I'll give that a quick test to see if my brainstorm works.

      Yes, I saw the aggregate email utility but the latency in email delivery kinda bothered me so I would rather attempt something different to improve delivery speed.

      I'll post back the results from my test.

      Mike C.


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        Ok, I think I'm in good shape now. I was originally forwarding the email, from the other domain, to my primary Exchange address which made the "To" field look like my primary address. Now that I've created a unique Alternate Address the email comes in with the proper name in the "To" field and to my surprise doesn't contain the alternate address. I like it!!!

        I don't know why the solution didn't come to me earlier. I think I was stuck in a "do loop" (a little programming humor there )

        Thanks for your help jeremya.

        Mike C.
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          No problem. Enjoy!