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  • Creating a custom 404 page

    depending on the OS you have will determine which method to use to set up the custom 404

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    Creating a custom 404 page

    How do I do this?

    I've just moved my site to onCloud. I had a customized page on the classic hosting but don't know how to set it up with the new stuff. I've reorganized in the move so I need to get something up for people that are finding me via google.


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      Are you on Windows or Linux?


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        I'm on the Windows platform.


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          Here`s a good Wiki about it

          Hope this helps!


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            Actually, if I may be blunt, no it's not a good wiki. Neither page were helpful or even accurate. The second one at least gave me a brief memory of something I'd seen while tooling around and led me to discovering the answer. Here is what I did.

            1. Designed the custom 404 page and saved as an html document (I don't need fancy).
            2. Uploaded it via ftp (I use Filezilla but you could upload it via the File Manager as well) to the folder named errdocs
            3. From the main My Hosting Control Panel, click on Hosting.
            4. From there, clicked on Webspace
            5. Clicked on Website Configuration
            6. clicked on the tab that read Error Documents
            7. that page will show a list of error codes.
            8. Scrolled through the list (clicking the next arrow) until I saw all the 404 states.
            9. Clicked on the link that said 404 (not the check box, click the actual link)
            10. From that screen I saw the options for specifying a URL or a file. Since I'm not using any special scripting with my 404, I clicked the radio button for file and entered the name of the file in the box.
            11. Clicked on "Submit"
            12. I went through and chose this file for every 404 state they listed, just in case.

            I have to be honest here in the off chance that someone from SoftCom is reading, the most frustrating thing about my recent migration from the classic hosting to onCloud has been the lack of documentation and the inability to get support. I've called the help line to get no answers and a tech who wanted my site password (I think not). I've sent help desk tickets in that have been unanswered for 12 or more hours and when they come back they are either not addressing the question or answer it incorrectly. I've sent pleas for people to call and had an email answer in response. It's been enourmously frustrating. I've been with MyHosting since 2004 and have always had excellent service and support. I'm uncertain what has changed but this experience has made me question whether I made the right decision sticking to MyHosting or if maybe I should have shopped around.


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              Thank you for your constructive criticism, i will forward your feedback to myhosting staff. I hope that they can make more documentation on onCloud control panel.
              We are working on adding more articles, to better reflect the onCloud control panel.

              Was there a specific article you were looking for? We are open to any suggestions you have. Feel free to include them in your reply.