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  • Is there any easy way to improve Page Rank?

    I want to improve my site's page rank, regarding for that can any one has any short idea or any suggestion.

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    1. Keywords. Decide on a manageable number of keywords to weave into the content of your website (I chose 10).
    2. Site changes. Depending on what software or hosting services you use, you may need to tweak this process differently

    * Page title. These are the words at the top of the browser window that describe the current page.

    * H1 tags. Use the same strategy.
    * URLs. Same deal here: use keywords.
    * Keyword density. Make sure to use your keywords in the body of your pages.

    * Meta description tags. This will sound redundant but... use keywords
    * Links. Link to other pages on your website, but (get ready for it!) use keywords. For our example, use "online document collaboration" as the link text, not "product name."

    * Content. Create pages on your site that focus on your most important keywords and topics.

    It is a long process and never stops
    good luck


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      If you're talking about Google's PageRank, try this:

      Google Webmaster Central



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        If there must be "seroius business visitors" of the website, that means that the text content of the site (including domain name, deep file name, page title) has to be on the certain level. Only in that way the searching engine will show the significant pieces from the website. And as richer in content the pieces are, as bigger is the probability for the transition from the searching engine to the web site.


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          On top of the things mentioned here, you should also consider looking into ways to create back links for your website.
          You can do that through bookmarking sites like digg and delicious, by leaving comments on blogs and forums that have a link to your site in them or through a number of other means.

          It's not enjoyable work, but back links are helpful and will drive traffic to your site if done properly as well.


          • #6
            Getting a good page rank is kind of like getting a good credit score.You have to have been around for a while, you need to have a lot of good reputation and you want it to be spread around in a lot of different places and styles.


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              lol i've never heard it put that way before, but that's actually pretty acurrate anthony. the tips that sab mentioned are excellent also, using keywords in the right places is incredibly important in getting traffic and climbing the rankings.


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                Nothing worth it is easy

                If any online marketing company tells you it's easy to get to the top of SERP's (search engine results pages) then they're full of crap. The only way to instantly get to the top is with by setting a premium bid for a PPC campaign, which will drain your budget in moments.

                Not a quick solution, but content is king!


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                  Article Submissions and link backs are among the most solid approaches for SEO. No immediate results, but they'll help you big time if you're patient.


                  • #10
                    Backlinking is the appropriate way, article submission is also good. The combination of Back hat and white hat!


                    • #11
                      traffic geyser

                      All great tips. I've also been hearing a lot about how well Traffic Geyser works.


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                        Is there any easy way to improve Page Rank?

                        Thanks for your sharing.
                        Your post helps people understand the importance of this articale.


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                          You should focused on SERP rather than Pagerank.
                          We've been telling people for a long time that they shouldn't focus on PageRank so much; many site owners seem to think it's the most important metric for them to track, which is simply not true. Susan Moskwa (Google Employee)
                          PageRank Distribution Removed From WMT - Webmaster Central Help

                          Q: My site's PageRank has gone up / gone down / not changed in months!
                          A: Don't worry. In fact, don't bother thinking about it. We only update the PageRank displayed in Google Toolbar a few times a year; this is our respectful hint for you to worry less about PageRank, which is just one of over 200 signals that can affect how your site is crawled, indexed and ranked. PageRank is an easy metric to focus on, but just because it's easy doesn't mean it's useful for you as a site owner. If you're looking for metrics, we'd encourage you to check out Analytics, think about conversion rates, ROI (return on investment), relevancy, or other metrics that actually correlate to meaningful gains for your website or business.
                          FAQ: Crawling, indexing & ranking - Google Webmaster Help


                          • #14
                            you can increase page rank via rss feeds


                            • #15
                              The only way to instantly get to the top is with by setting a premium bid for a PPC campaign, which will drain your budget in moments. Not a quick solution, but content is king!