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  • WORDpressz

    Yo man

    Imma tryin to figure out good plugins for ma wordpress blog, you gots any cool stuff/plugins I shuld know bout?


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    Re: WORDpressz

    Some of the plugins I've found useful over the years include:
    • Akismet - Great if you get a lot of comment spam. Especially useful on busy blogs or blogs without comment moderation.[/*:m:1wzns1cz]
    • Ultimate Google Analytics - If you use Google Analytics, this plugin makes it easy to integrate with your blog. Just plug in the code and you're off to the races.[/*:m:1wzns1cz]
    • Google SiteMaps Generator - Again, makes it easy to generate a sitemaps.xml file for your blog.[/*:m:1wzns1cz]
    • Wordpress DB Backup - Since most of your content is stored in your DB, it's important to make periodic backups, and this plugin makes it easy.[/*:m:1wzns1cz]
    • Subscribe2 - If you want people to be able to subscribe to your blog by email[/*:m:1wzns1cz]
    • Google Feedburner - If you have a Feedburner account, you can use this plugin to get information and stats on your RSS subscribers.[/*:m:1wzns1cz]
    • Sociable - Lets you easily add social bookmarking links to your blog, like, digg, technorati, etc.[/*:m:1wzns1cz]
    • Subscribe me - Lets you add multiple RSS subscription buttons specific for various RSS readers. Makes it easy for your readers to subscribe to your feed.[/*:m:1wzns1cz]
    • Enforce www Preference - Forces visitors to either or, whichever you prefer. Also good to ensure you don't have duplicate content indexed in Search Engines.[/*:m:1wzns1cz]
    • ZenphotoPress - If you use ZenPhoto photo gallery, this will bridge it into Wordpress. ZenPhoto is a nice, light photo gallery application.[/*:m:1wzns1cz]

    I've pretty much exhausted my list. Would love to hear what other people use too.


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      Re: WORDpressz

      WP-Highslide ... js-plugin/

      This is a cool picture plugin

      All in One SEO Pack

      I dont know if it actually works, but whatev

      Ajax Expand post now ... -post-now/

      For those who write a lot, this plugin will let you ajax your 'more' button


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        Re: WORDpressz

        Akismet is a real life saver, I hadnt' setup anonymous posting so my pages weren't overrun, but i was basically spending an hour daily going through spam posts without it.


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          Re: WORDpressz

          Lightbox2 is a slick photo plug-in ( Smooth and sexy!


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            Re: WORDpressz

            yo dawg

            whaz the easiest way to get some slick photos on your blog site ?
            do i use flickr?