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  • Django?

    I have been reading about something called Django in a few places and I know that it is a framework of some sort.

    Anyone have any experience using it?

    Looking for some first hand experiences good or bad.

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    Very, very powerful language, and I have found it pretty easy to learn, just like Python. Mind, haven't mastered it yet but nevertheless it is powerful.
    Btw, you can't use it on shared hosting. Though many places provide Django preinstalled on servers nowadays.


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      Django's actually just a web framework that's written in Python; it's not a separate language.

      Django gives you lots of conveniences when coding web apps. If that's what you're building, check it out, as it might be very useful for you.

      On the flip side, I highly recommend Ruby and Ruby on Rails. I've been using both for nearly 1.5 years, and am constantly blown away by their ease of use, and power.

      If you're trying to decide between Python and Ruby, go for Ruby.

      That's just my opinion though!
      Last edited by nickh; 2010-06-14, 05:37 PM.


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        I've heard a lot of good things about both honestly, but I'm not personally familiar with either of them. You might want to look into tinkering with both if you can afford to and then decide from there. Different people seem to feel the same way about one program over the other so I think it's just a matter of personal preferences.


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          I've heard that it doesn't always jive with all browsers, but other than that I've heard it's fairly easy to use.


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            Ruby, Ruby, Ruby Soho

            $10 to anyone who can name the song that's from.


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              Originally posted by FullHead View Post
              I've heard that it doesn't always jive with all browsers, but other than that I've heard it's fairly easy to use.
              Django and Rails are browser-agnostic. They don't care what you use. It's up to the site's creator to ensure that their site is cross-browser compliant.

              If a Django or Rails site doesn't work well in a browser, it's because the person or people who created the site didn't test the site thoroughly enough, or decided to release it with bugs.


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                What's the difference between Ruby and Ruby on Rails? What's your preference?


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                  Originally posted by Stoddard View Post
                  What's the difference between Ruby and Ruby on Rails? What's your preference?
                  Ruby is a programming language.

                  Ruby on Rails is a framework written in Ruby.

                  I use Ruby on Rails to build web applications quickly.
                  I use Ruby regularly to automate small tasks that would otherwise take me a long time to do manually.
                  Last edited by nickh; 2010-06-10, 12:13 PM.


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                    That's interesting...thanks for that info about web applications vs. automated tasks.