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  • Moving from Frontage

    I currently use Frontpage 2003, what software should I go to now that frontpage is being discontinued? I need something that will take my current front page site and convert it.

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    Re: Moving from Frontage

    Probably the best solution would be Microsoft Expression Web, since you'd be updating your site using a MS-built tool.

    If you open your site using Expression Web, there should be some way to convert it. However if you have anything that uses FrontPage Server Extensions, you will probably have to rebuild those pages.

    I'd recommend downloading a backup of your whole site, and working on it offline. Then when you're happy, republish using EW.


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      Re: Moving from Frontage

      I have a Frontpage website and don't see the need to convert to something else as long as Web Hosting companies keep hosting Frontpage. Is there something I'm missing?



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        Re: Moving from Frontage

        I have found that the longer one waits to move from unsupported software to supported software the harder the conversion and sometimes if you wait to long it becomes impossable.


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          Re: Moving from Frontage

          I too have used FrontPage for years but have become frustrated with the many incompatibilities. For instance many components will work fine for an IE browser but not Firefox (a bigger and bigger issue these days).

          I noticed some open source solutions available on MyHosting. Does anybody know the difference between Joomla, Drupal, and DNN? I might give one of those a shot.



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            Re: Moving from Frontage


            you need to understand that MS Expression Web, Frontpage, these are HTML authoring tools. They will let you create web sites with ease. DNN, Drupal, Joomla, they are all Content Management Systems as basic functionality. Their functionality could be expanded by adding modules. So they are two different things.


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              Re: Moving from Frontage

              OK.... i plan to rewrite my frontpage site using Dreamweaver 8 and have a new domain name to test with while the new site is being built. once completed I'll want to somehow overlay my old frontpage site with my new Dreamweaver site and do away with the old frontpage site. do you see problems with this method?


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                Re: Moving from Frontage

                I personally prefer S Expression Web when it comes to heavy CSS design, otherwise I go with Dreamweaver (DM). There is nothing wrong with DM and there are hundreds of tutorials and books out there that can show you how to succesfully create a web site. If your site is in Frontpage then you may find the following link useful.
       ... ieceofcake - Migrating from FrontPage to Dreamweaver

                I hope this helps.


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                  Re: Moving from Frontage

                  Thanks for the info on "moving from FrontPage to Dreamweaver".... however,,, I've purchased Expression Web 2 which is almost identical to FrontPage. I would recommend Expression to anyone converting from FrontPage!! Frontpage "publishes" directly into Expression and the functionality is almost identical. Most of the FP extensions I can do without except the Hit Counter. My customers are folks who have "Homes For Sale By The Owner" and their home photos are posted on my site with a hit counter for each home viewed. Customers like the counter as it gives them some feedback as to how many times their home has been viewed.

                  Any suggestions for 'page load' counter sources which don't come with pop-up ads will be appreciated.