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  • Because .ME is about YOU!

    Because .ME is about YOU!

    With the recent launch of the .ME top-level domain name now is the perfect time to stake your claim to your personal space on the internet. This new domain name is perfect for individuals, families or groups who want to identify themselves on the net.

    And provides you with a few different options for hosting your new domain name.

    You can receive the first three months for free with a new hosting plan and our Extended Summer Promotion and get up to $78.85 in savings! This offer is valid only until September 22, 2008, so act now!

    If you already have a hosting account and want to point a new .ME domain name at your existing web site, you can activate a Domain Name Alias for your account. All accounts include a number of Domain Name Aliases, so the only cost is the domain name registration fee.

    If you want to reserve your domain name now and decide how to use it later, you can sign up for Domain Parking and pay only the domain name registration fee.

    If you have a website elsewhere and want to redirect traffic from your new .ME domain name, you can sign up for Domain Forwarding for only $15.00/year plus domain name registration fee.

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    Re: Because .ME is about YOU!

    Its really a very good post..Thanks for posting it.


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      Interesting. Thanks for the informative post.


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        i don't really think that people put a lot of stock into dot me's. i like the spin you're putting on it though, that's a really awesome slogan and idea for it, but most of the general public shuns anything that isn't a dot com.

        net's and org's can be all right, but most of the others are pretty taboo.


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          .ME Domain Name

          .ME is actually the country code for Montenegro.



          • #6
            I had no idea that it was a country code for anything, that's actually really interesting though. I guess in this case (with that slogan) it's being misrepresented a bit then if it's meant to be for Montenegro sites and things...


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              Country Codes


              If the top-level domain name is only two characters long, then is it a country code or region.

              For example...
              .ms is Montserrat (not Microsoft)
              .im is the Isle of Man (not Instant Messaging)
              .tv is Tuvalu (not television)
              .ws is Western Samoa (not World Site)

              A complete list can be found at The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority.



              • #8
                You learn something new everyday I guess.

                I honestly didn't know that, so thanks! I guess the lack of seeing those codes used very often, at least in the US, kind of leaves that piece information out of common knowledge.


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                  Country Codes


                  The US has its own country code (.us). Canada has its own country code too (.ca).



                  • #10
                    Well yes, I'm well aware of THOSE country codes, however being in the US you rarely see them used is what I was getting at... Hence my lack of recognition of ME as a country code especially after seeing presented in the manner that it was.


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                      Country Codes

                      It is confusing.

                      Canada, however, has presence requirements, which means that you can't get a .ca domain unless you live in Canada.

                      I'm not sure about the US.



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                        If it's .ME it's for Me

                        I've done a lot of research comparing .com to .me and it seems as though there's no concrete difference in search engine results, so now is definitely a good time to get in on what will soon become rare .me URL's.


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                          Originally posted by InternetGenie View Post
                          I've done a lot of research comparing .com to .me and it seems as though there's no concrete difference in search engine results, so now is definitely a good time to get in on what will soon become rare .me URL's.



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                            why by ME

                            What's the benefit of order a .ME domain name other than being able to find a name that was unavailable as a .com?


                            • #15
                              that is helpful to know. I wonder if .me will eventually perform better than .com, or if there's a difference at all.