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  • DAFAUTH.INI / handling of login error

    When using a DAFAUTH.INI to control access to specific files, the user sees a blank page that says "unauthorized user". I would prefer to have this display a page that I create with my standard header and nav bar so the user can click on a link within my site. Anyone knwo how to do that?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: DAFAUTH.INI / handling of login error

    Hello Greg, are you refering to your Wiki installation or something else? Can I get your URL please. Thank you.


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      Re: DAFAUTH.INI / handling of login error

      This not related to a Wiki installation. This is just a web page that I want to limit access to by having a userid/password. The web page is


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        Re: DAFAUTH.INI / handling of login error


        Have you thought of using an ASP login script instead of DAF? All you'd need for that is a Microsoft Access database with a USERS table in it that stores usernames and passwords, and the following script.

        If you have a login.html page with a form containing a username and password text feilds and a submit button you'd want to have the submit button call the verify.asp script. Below is an example of what I mean.

        <DIV ID="LogIn">
        <FORM ACTION="verify.asp" METHOD=POST>


        <INPUT TYPE=SUBMIT VALUE="Login Now">

        The next step would be to setup the verify.asp script.

        ~~~~~~~~~~~ verify.asp script ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

        Copy the contents of the script, everything starting at the <% and ending at %>. Save the file as verify.asp. You'll need to change the "" to your domain and you would need to make sure that the path to the DB is correct.

        set cnn = server.createobject("adodb.connection") "DRIVER={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)};" & _

        ' Now it's time for the query. We need to check the user information
        ' against the Users table

        SQL_query = "SELECT * FROM login WHERE " & _
        "Username='" & Request.Form("UserName") & "' AND " & _
        "Password='" & Request.Form("UserPassword") & "' "
        Set Rs = cnn.Execute(SQL_query)

        ' We now check if the user is valid. If user is valid, the recordset MUST
        ' haverecord. Otherwise it is empty. If user exists, we set authentication
        ' status to 1 and send the user to appropriate page, Else send the user
        ' back to login.asp

        Session("Authenticated") = 0

        WHILE NOT Rs.EOF
        If Rs("Username") = Request.Form("UserName") And Rs("Password") = Request.Form("UserPassword") THEN
        Session("User_ID") = Rs("Login_ID")
        Session("Authenticated") = 1
        Response.Redirect ("test.asp")
        end if


        ' If the WHILE loop does not cause the Authenticated veriable to be set to 1 (meaning
        ' a successful login) then the loop ends and the script forces the person logging in
        ' back to the login page, or any other page you want.

        Response.Redirect ("login.asp")


        It might seem complicated but try it out. I used to use DAF to protect but i found ASP coding gave me more options. Plus I no longer had to pay for the DAF service once I figured out how to do it this way.