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  • Customer Support

    I know you suggest contacting customer support with problems, but customer support is my problem. Our web site has been down for 24 hours according to web monitoring logs and user reports. We didn't find out until about 10 hours ago. The problem is that for whatever reason (it's happened several times in the past when myhosting has supposedly installed upgrades to the SQL server - at least that is the excuse we've been given before) we can log into our control panel but not our SQL database.

    As usual, the initial response back from CS Peter was: "There site error appears to stem from teh default.asp page. I tested with our default index.html page and was able to load your site. A review of the coding in the default.asp page is needed." [sic] Ignoring the horrible command of the English language, the web site is database driven. Of course a default html page will work. It's the database. I even provided a screen shot of the login failure to SQL accessed through the control panel and pasted the web page error message "Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server error '80004005' Cannot open database requested in login 'DB_ABE165'. Login fails. /Default.asp, line 10"

    When we did his work for him and told him what the problem was, he, and John, and Marya continued to tell us that it would have to be sent to the operations team. Finally we were told that 24/7 wasn't really 24/7 and that it would be 48 hours before we would get our site fixed. We asked that they contact the person on call. They finally told us that it had been "escalated" to the operations team and implied that the work was happening at that time... but in spite of a couple dozen emails asking a simple question to clarify ("Is someone - a real person - actually working on it right now? Yes or No"), they continued to refuse to answer that simple question, even though we told them that they weren't answering the only important question and restated it clearly. After a while, they simply ignored our question completely and refused to respond, and the question was coming via email from our CEO, President, VP of Sales, Regional VP, and CTO. Right now, we are losing about $400 an hour in income and our reps cannot work their book of business or process orders.

    I've been a customer for more than 10 years, dating back to SoftCom days. The "customer service" has always been VERY bad, but this is ridiculous. The current round of frustrating lack of service is irresponsible, unprofessional, and ridiculous.

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    Re: Customer Support

    I've gone over your case from the weekend and I'd like to explain what appears to have happened. The initial email that you sent to support only included a statement that your website was down. Upon attempting to load your site in a web browser our support representative confirmed that the site was not coming up properly. He then attempted a routine test that we use to determine if the issue is related to our service or customer's code. That test involves us trying to load a simple HTML page from your site. When the test page loaded the representative assumed that the issue was related to your code and not your service. Your next response let us know that the issue was related to any page that was accessing your MS SQL database. If that information had of been part of the initial email they would have tried different tests and confirmed the issue and escalated imediately. While the messaging from the team was not the clearest the issue was escalated as soon as we were aware of the issue.

    I would like to point out that our customer support is 24/7 and that you did receive replies to all of your emails within a few minutes. Our support department is staffed at all times including holidays. Our Operations team also has an on-call person that is contacted in off hours when issues like this arise. He was looking into the issue once it was escalated. When you were emailing into Support after they had escalated the case they were waiting for an update. The only thing they could tell you was that the case had been escalated. They could have let you know that we were waiting on an update and someone was actually working on your case. They just assumed that once they let you know that the case had been escalated that this meant someone was working on it. I think sometimes people get confused when they don't have anything new to report. We'll be going over this case with the agents involved and coaching them on how to inform customers properly in regards to cases that have been escalated.

    I apologize for not communicating to you clearer that someone was actually working on the case. I also apologize for any stress or inconvenience that this matter may have caused you yesterday. If you're noticing any further issues please let me know.