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  • Unlocking domains for transfer out

    How do I unlock a particular domain and transfer it out?

    I go to and when I go to the Domain Locking screen, I get a me3ssage that "NOTE: Locking cannot be enabled/disabled from this interface".

    I then go to my control panel for the very same domain, and there is zero reference to being able to unlock my domain.

    How do I unlock a particular domain and transfer it out?

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    Hi barryi,

    I am going ahead and forwarding your question to one of my colleagues and will get back to you with a response as soon as possible.

    Let me know if I can be further help.
    Thank you,


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      Our Customer Support team can help you unlock your domain name and get the transfer key (if necessary). Then you contact the new registrar and ask them to initiate the transfer for you.

      And if there's anything we can do to convince you to keep your domain name with us, let us know!


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        it looks like I have about 14 domains with you guys.... you mean to tell me I have to email 14 different times just to have my domains unlocked?



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          I'm having trouble trying to figure out what you are saying Sherin. Do you mean that you transferred a domain here and had great customer service results or are you saying something else?

          I don't really want to click that link because sites with urls that don't make any sense (or use real words) make me uncomfortable.


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            control panel

            Most domain names come with domain manager or control panel. From there you should be able to manage all the contact detail include lock/unlock domain.


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              great resource

              I was also recently tipped off to this which might help:
              Need Help? Search Our Database Of Commonly Asked Questions |


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                Same problem here.

                How do I transfer my domains OFF myhosting?

                I have worked with several registrars and while some do make it difficult to transfer domains off, this is the first time that I have come across a registrar that makes it IMPOSSIBLE by not including it anywhere in the control panel.

                So, I can't change nameservers and I can't transfer off.

                Looks like I may have to reconsider getting domains from NameJet if they are automatically sending my domains here.


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                  Originally posted by InfoJunkie View Post
                  I was also recently tipped off to this which might help:
                  Need Help? Search Our Database Of Commonly Asked Questions |
                  No real information there. Besides, the Control Panel is severely crippled anyway - no options to change DNS records and no option to transfer OFF of myhosting.

                  Here is their FAQ on transferring a domain:

         - Viewing external page at

                  HAHAHA!! Their idea of "transferring" a domain name is changing the DNS records. Not quite guys! Changing DNS records and actually transferring a domain is COMPLETELY different.


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                    I just called support and they were quick to answer and quick to provide me with login information to change my DNS records. Thanks!