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  • myHosting and Joomla


    About a year ago I signed up my organization for a pbaisc package to host a Joomla site, since they advertise "At we have extensive experience both hosting and managing Joomla! based websites, and our easy installer will have you up and running in no time! " - Joomla! |

    My expereince has so far been a mixed bag - I do get support in a reasonable timeframe (based on the amount I've paid) but having to expalin to support about what file ownership (and not being able to change it), having to more or less making every file/folder's permission 777 is perhaps not what I'd expect from a company that claims "extensive experience"

    The last item that prompted me to write this post was an attempt to upgrade my site to the latest version (Joomla 1.5.15). It's didn't go well. :-( After three days of struggling with limited tools and slow support I was able to get back into a somewhat controlled state.

    I do realize that I've been learning as I go with Joomla, but I use to work for a large IT organization on the other end and I never pushed back on someone who called/emailed for help. Yes, Joomla is a third party application that each support agent isn't going to have a complete depth in, but each agent should be able to know who the Joomla/Unix expert is and be able to transfer cases their way.

    So, what have others been experiencing with myhosting and Joomla? My renewal is coming up and your feedback will help me make a couple of decisions.


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    Thanks for the post. I'm currently trying to decide to switch to Joomla or Drupal, and the support lady was quite helpful at first, but as I asked a bit more, she just stopped answering (in the chat window). Not really what you expect from support staff. I mean, if she doesn't know, ok, say so, it's fine. Or if she thinks that my questions are too much to ask, ok, please tell me. But just no answer and letting the customer sit there and wait... made me look for alternatives.


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      Joomla posting

      I've been trying to get my Joomla 1.5 site up and running for a week now. Granted, I'm a newbie at Joomla. But I've used myhosting for the past 10 years, and it doesn't appear to be what it was even four years ago. Myhosting used to be simple to use, and help was easy to access. Now, there are no clear, basic instructions -- everything is on a wiki (go fish!), and much of it is out of date or of little help. I even had trouble finding their login page -- and after that, where to upload my files! Now I'm trying to figure out how to unzip my site on file manager. If I were you, I'd go elsewhere. I'm giving myself a few more days. Tell me where you've gone, and I may just join you.


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        Hi Stanharrison,

        We are sharing and learning here, Please state your Joomla site problem?
        I even had trouble finding their login page
        do you mean your joomla login/admin page? If you want to go to your joomla admin/login page, just simply type in your websites URL, followed by /administrator



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          Joomla directory path? How install items via ftp/directory?

          Greetings all,

          I'm having problems finding how to upload content into the Joomla directory via ftp.

          I cannot find a path that will work for FTP?
          When logged on I open the `siteapps' folder and it is empty.

          As far as I knew, the path to try was this:

          Hopefully somebody out ther can help, and of course I'll keep trying and post any findings.



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            Hi crom,

            You`ll need to manually type that location as the numbered folder is hidden by default.



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              Fantastic - install path solution

              Thanks so much, the link you posted explains perfectly and everything is working for me. I'm so very happy to have this solved.

              Many thanks for the asssistance.

              Take care


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                I'm glad your problem was solved, please let me know if you have any other problem