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  • Error documents (500) on cloud account

    When my page has an error that creates a 500-Internal Server Error, I want to see the usual non friendly error message such as

    Microsoft VBScript compilation error '800a03ea' 
    Syntax error 
    /test.asp, line 3 
    If then
    First of all, let me mention that I have the Show friendly HTTP Errors unchecked in the browser. I can get the above message on a different domain that's not on the cloud account.

    In the cloud account that I just signed up for, I have tried many options in the webspace\website configuration\error documents tab.

    With the first two IIS Stadart options I get a generic message which is no use for me to debug any problem. I created a 500.asp page to handle errors and I tried two different pieces of code such as below.

    Code 1:
    Dim objErrorInfo
    Set objErrorInfo = Server.GetLastError
    ErrTxt = ErrTxt & "ASPCode = " & objErrorInfo.ASPCode & "<br>"
    ErrTxt = ErrTxt & "ASPDescription = " & objErrorInfo.ASPDescription & "<br>"
    ErrTxt = ErrTxt & "Category = " & objErrorInfo.Category & "<br>"
    ErrTxt = ErrTxt & "Column = " & objErrorInfo.Column & "<br>"
    ErrTxt = ErrTxt & "Description = " & objErrorInfo.Description & "<br>"
    ErrTxt = ErrTxt & "File = " & objErrorInfo.File & "<br>"
    ErrTxt = ErrTxt & "Line = " & objErrorInfo.Line & "<br>"
    ErrTxt = ErrTxt & "Number = " & objErrorInfo.Number & "<br>"
    ErrTxt = ErrTxt & "Source = " & objErrorInfo.Source & "<br>"
    Response.Write ErrTxt
    Code 2:
        On Error Resume Next
        Set objASPError = Server.GetLastError
        Response.Write Server.HTMLEncode(objASPError.Category)
        If Len(CStr(objASPError.ASPCode)) > 0 Then
            Response.Write Server.HTMLEncode(", " & objASPError.ASPCode)
        End If
        Response.Write Server.HTMLEncode(" (0x" & Hex(objASPError.Number) & ")" ) & "<br>"
        If Len(CStr(objASPError.ASPDescription)) > 0 Then 
            Response.Write Server.HTMLEncode(objASPError.ASPDescription) & "<br>"
        ElseIf Len(CStr(objASPError.Description)) > 0 Then 
            Response.Write Server.HTMLEncode(objASPError.Description) & "<br>" 
        End If
    Both of these return a blank section for what they should output. It seems like there is no error according to the code but there is. Do I have any options that I'm missing? Why isn't the ASP error object seem like it's not working?

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    Hi There,

    I'd suggest starting with a more simplified code, perhaps something like this:

    Set ASPErr = Server.GetLastError 
    Response.Write ASPErr.Description 
    If that doesn't work, I would suggest contacting our Customer Support team with your account information, so they can troubleshoot any potential issues with your account.

    24/7 In-House Phone Support |


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      Good point. I always find the simpler the code is, the fewer headaches it creates--and simplified code can be just as productive, too.