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  • Issues with your service,help please


    -mail dont works
    -plesk license dont works
    -sincronization and domains also dont works
    -your php is older as my grandmatther and i still wait for the update...

    I tried to start php manually using plesk panel butt there is no way to make it works. also i tried al the crap your "live" (max. 15 min) chat and there is no body able to fix the service YOU ARE SELLING/RENTING...

    I will ask againg really nice,please fix this shit or return me my money im tired of fighting with your third world service for nothing... after that i payed a nice amount of money for it

  • #2
    I apologize for the trouble you've been having. It sounds like there is definitely some issue with your license as if the license is not installed in Plesk, it will produce all of the rest of the problems you are having (re: email, domain sync etc)

    If you can provide me a ticket ID for your case I can see about getting further details about your current account status.

    When your license issues are resolved (I would wait until its 100% ready) then I would take a look at these details on upgrading php.

    The issue with PHP is unfortunately a Plesk specific issue as PHP is installed by Plesk and is the default for the OS you're running (if Linux).

    If you're running Linux, I have had luck with upgrading PHP to 5.3 for use in Plesk using the Plesk Component Update utility from the command line (SSH).

    Login as an administrator using ssh and enter the following command:

    /usr/local/psa/admin/sbin/autoinstaller --select-release-current --install-component php53

    This feature was found in the Parallels Plesk KB at:
    KB Parallels: How to enable PHP5.3 support on the Parallels Plesk Panel server


    • #3
      I must add to the php instructions two things:

      1) this is specific to CentOS, if you have a Debian server you should find the PHP package fairly up to date.
      2) More importantly, it was previously identified a known issue with this upgrade that can cause Horde Webmail to malfunction. So if you required use of Horde, pay attention to their updates about supporting PHP53 package.


      • #4
        here are some of the cases, there are more because im the owner and my partner is the tecnician and he has a lot more of cases:

        [Case #WST-648096]
        [Case #HBG-159846]
        [Case #XJO-554494]
        [Case #BFU-371854]
        [Case #EWN-123743]

        i send you my acc details on a pm so yuo self can check everything...


        • #5
          i see there is no pm sistem here,so tell me please how i can send you my details like acc id and so...

          p.d. other case : [Case #BPF-374073]


          • #6
            It appears your server is up and running when using the IP address. I notice that you've configured a subdomain of a synced domain as your hostname for your VPS. I think this is problematic since it does not specify properly the DNS and has duplicate entries inside of your VPS (one for system and one for hosting within Plesk). I suspect if you update your VPS hostname (from your onCloud control panel under VPS >VPS Management section to a domain that is not being used inside of plesk for hosting you will have a better experience.

            Let me know how this goes!

            In terms of PHP, you should simply be able to login to Plesk and click "Añadir o eliminar componentes" from the homepage to see your components list. Then click Different PHP interpreter versions checkbox and you can select PHP 5.3. Again, my previous warnings apply.


            • #7
              by the way, it appears the VPS otherwise is setup OK and the license is installed, but until the issues with your domain name and hostname conflict are resolved, i imagine this explains the issues with everything


              • #8
                hi again the domain and hostname issues should be fixed but there is no way to make the php upgrade and have it working.

                any other ideas¿?


                • #9
                  what happened when you attempted the component update?


                  • #10
                    that would really be my only recommended upgrade method. Any others and you risk much more than Horde Webmail.


                    • #11
                      Now after 2 weeks fighting to get my service working its your plesk panel who has the error...

                      this is like a bad joke or something? because it isnt serius for a E-company to have the customers without there service working and telling them its there problem with configurations...

                      Now today your support answer me ITS REALLY A ERROR FROM YOU and that i have to wait more and more and more so it escalate to a señor admin.

                      another joke or bad company organization? why is somebody admin to escalate issues to señor admin....
                      any person who is admin ,should be admin because he knows what he does.

                      you got somedays left to fix it or i whant my money back, IM NOT GOING TO SPEND MY 30 DAYS MONEY RETURN CHANCE EXPECTING IF ANY ADMIN WHANT TO FIX THIS and lose any oportunity to recover my money

                      any way if service finally arrive to works i hope your company compensate me for all the weeks&days i lost with your servers offline


                      • #12
                        nothing against you jeremia,you the only one here who answers something more or less usefull not like your "live chat" or "ticked sistem"... there i see only people who have no fking idea about what they do there


                        • #13
                          Hi g4sman

                          Again, sorry for all the trouble. If the issue is with Plesk our team is likely working with Parallels directly to diagnose the issue. I am following up with our team leads to rectify your tickets directly.