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  • Domain going to subfolder can't see CSS files

    I have an "ecommerce" shared hosting account and my site is setup for Windows.

    My setup has folders something like this:


    My primary website is at the root and has its own domain ie.

    I have another domain that I want to use to take users directly to the part of the site they need and it is directed to wwwroot/folder1 where there is a default.htm that is displayed. Let's call that domain At the moment, none of the images appear and the css isn't being used. The links are in the form "../css/standard.css" or "../images/image1.jpg".

    I assume that they don't work since the points directly to the folder & I assume is unable to "see" the folders that are at the same hierarchy level.

    Is there any way around this? I really don't want to duplicate CSS files and image files under folder1 and I'm not too thrilled with the idea of editing all the links in the files under folder1 to hardcode into each and every one. I created & maintain the site using ExpressionWeb and much of this code is in my Dynamic Web Template - to change just this section of the site would require using a separate template for that area and negates a lot of the advantages of using it in the first place (primarily only having to make changes to 1 file to update the whole site.) There is also the problem that most of the pages uses are ALSO used by the main site at, so whatever solution I come up with can't break the pages when reached that way.

    Is it time for me to delve into the mysteries of web.config? Is it possible to use that to redirect any calls to for *.css or *.jpg to be redirected to the correct location? I'll take the time to research and learn about it if it will solve the problem, but I sure don't want to make that effort just to find out it won't do what I need. Any other ideas out there?

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    I suspect this is a result of using virtual directories. You definitely won't be able to access files that are outside of the document root for the application.

    I'm not sure there's anyway around a change of some sort along the lines you've suggested. Generally separate domains / sites have to be treated separately.


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      I've tested out Jeremy's theory and have confirmed.

      I have the following directory structure:

         |- folder
                |- root
      I've placed photo.jpg in /wwwroot, and index.html in /wwroot/folder/root which calls "../../photo.jpg" has it's root set as /wwwroot has it's root set as /wwwroot/folder/root

      When you open in a browser everything displays fine.
      When you open (same file) in a browser, the image does not display.

      So if you want to call files or images below the root of, you'll need to call them via

      Here's an idea though...

      wwwroot (root for
         |- folder2 (root for
                 |- folder3 (root for
                        |- images
      If you place your files within /wwwroot/folder2/folder3/images,, and will all be able to access them.