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  • Email and VPS

    I have gotten several different answers from support on this issue. Before I signed up I chatted with an online agent and asked about the email service as I didn't notice anything mentioned in the VPS feature list. I was told that the email works just like a standard web hosting account.

    After signing up and playing around I went to look for the email features of the controlpanel to find none. I sent an email to support and was told that I have to pay $4.99 per month per domain for 50 pop3 accounts...

    Well thats not what I was told before I signed up... None the less I can not find an option anywhere within the control panel addons to even add this feature.

    It would be nice to get some documentation on the wiki on the various options we have available to us and on how to set them up.

    I must be honest, the $4.99 per month per domain does not appeal to me, I am paying for a premium service and get worse email support compared to the regular $10 a month packages.

    I am not really interested in trying to run my own pop3 server on the VPS, however is this the way to go?

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    Virtual Servers and Email

    I apologize if you received conflicting information about this. I will try to clarify this for you. The server plans that we are offering do not include an email service but you can set up email on your server. Most virtual server offers do not include a mail service by default.

    If you decide that you would like to setup your own mail server you would need to make sure that your SMTP server is set to It's not possible to setup your own SMTP server on your domain (ex: The domain does not require authentication and can only be used by our virtual server customers.

    There is an option to have your virtual server domains use our regular email hosting and this is what was previously suggested. We have other customers that are using this solution as they don't want to setup or manage a mail server on their virtual server. This solution cost $4.45 per month for 50 POP3/IMAP users however if you choose a yearly billing term the price would drop to $3.70 per month. You can choose to pay for the email hosting on a yearly term and the virtual server can remain on a monthly billing cycle.

    Another option is that we can install a mail server for you but this would require our professional services where a server administrator will set this up for you. We charge $50 per hour for our professional services. If you would like for one of our administrators to setup a mail server for you please contact me at and let me know. I will make sure that the request is handled immediately.

    If you have any questions please let me know, I'll be happy to help.

    Have a great day.


    Daryl Brown
    Key Accounts Manager
    SoftCom Inc.
    10 Bay St. Suite 1610
    Toronto, ON, M5J 2R8, Canada
    P: (866) 289-5091 | F: (416) 957-7401 | - Pick Up Your Email | Website Hosting & Domain Hosting | | SoftCom Technology Consulting Inc.
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      One basic email package does come with the VPS plan.

      This is the response I received from support:

      An Email Hosting Plan is included with your VS account. Please visit - From personal to business Email Hosting, we have it all for more information on the Email Hosting Plan. If this option is selected, we can assist with the creation of the plan but you will first need to add a domain to your VS account before the domain can be configured and used with the Email Hosting Plan. This option is included with your VS account and is free of charge.

      The other option they said was to install and configure our own SMTP server.


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        I am not sure how this works with yout provider. earlier I had somewhat similar issue with my provider. They suggested that they can install mail serveice on my virtual server at a setup cost billed hourly.

        I decided to switch host and went with apps4rent. While signingup the sales guy told me to select mailing application which I did and they installed it without any additional charges. The price is quite affordable.
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          Is the mailing application usually free when you sign up with a hosting service? This sounds like a good deal to me.