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  • Zimbra

    Greetings. Anyone here running Zimbra on their VPS?

    I've installed it and while it seems to run, it does tend to max out my resources. I've upped the RAM to 4G, I am not sure just how much of an improvement it would be to up the CPU cycles allocated. Zimbra is a resource hog and my concern is that my users will get frustrated after they log in, with the performance of the web front end.

    I am seeing load averages of 5.15 4.47 4.78 and higher, and this is without any users being logged in!

    Anyone reckon it's even worthwhile to offer this resource hungry Java product on a VPS?

  • #2
    Certainly, I'd be happy to, although I'd rather give you that info more securely than in a Forum post! Best way of doing that?


    • #3
      Could you provide a subscription ID so we could take a look?


      • #4
        Appreciate the effort to PM me, but I cannot respond! Not enough privs, evidently. ;-)

        Don't worry about it, I'll probably be looking at a dedicated server for this task anyway. It's just too much I/O for a VPS and although certain people appear to have better VPS luck with Xen and Zimbra, it does seem like it's one collaboration suite that needs dedicated hardware.


        • #5
          you should have enough privileges, could you try again? Perhaps you were logged out?


          • #6
            Was thinking about Zimbra, really like the diverse extensions development…could you post here what you decide to do, thanks!



            • #7
              What trouble did you have with the reinstall? Plesk is purely optional with our custom VPS offerings and we also have plans like Developer VPS that also come clean and without Plesk and cPanel. Plesk and cPanel would certainly have added to the load on your VPS...


              • #8
                Sorry to say running Zimbra on a VPS is not really practical - at least not unless one really "ups" the specs of the VPS. I tried a much less resource intensive postfix/dovecot/roundcube/LDAP/MySQL setup. This worked adequately but is hardly a full blown Zimbra replacement!

                I've also been less than impressed with the way myhosting routes email traffic, in and out over their own SMTP servers. One of the points of me trying to move from an in house server to a VPS was to also maintain some semblance of privacy and control and because one still ends up having to use's SMTP relays, that negates my intent.

                Suffice to say I have started an account with and so far their servers seem snappier and (thank whatever deity you want) there is no Plesk or similar excrement to get in the way of try to get a clean OS re-install! Yes, linode are not as cheap as myhosting but I'd rather pay more and having complete control than be forced into a box by a VPS hosting company.

                Thanks myhosting, you might work out for some people, but it was a failed experiment for me!