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  • Parallels Repository


    The Plesk Panel 10.3 Release Notes says that PHP 5.3 is available in the "Parallels repository". What is the "Parallels repository"?


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    Hi Shane,

    Plesk has the ability to install updates and components via a Parallels repository(Parallels Storage).

    Apache, PHP, MySQL, and PostgreSQL can automatically be kept up-to-date.. When you upgrade Panel, Parallels Installer additionally checks for updates of Apache, PHP, MySQL, and PostgreSQL and offers to install the components updates if you wish. The Settings > Updates tool also provides the ability to update the components manually.


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      Parallels Repository

      I can't find Settings > Updates in either Power User view or Service Provider view. Is there any reason that it is not showing?



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        Plesk 10.3.1
        1. Go to: "Server Management" -> "Tools and Utilities" -> "Panel" -> "Updates" and select "Add Components" (the middle one).

        2. Under "Different PHP interpreter versions" select the option "PHP5.3 support"

        3. Select "Continue"
        Details: Upgrade php to 5.2.4 or higher on Plesk 10.3.1 - Parallels Forums


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          Parallels Repository

          I don't see it. Am I missing something?


          [Edit] Please let me know if you don't see the thumbnail above.
          Last edited by sgoodman; 2011-12-19, 12:30 PM.


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            Upgrading to php 5.3 can cause problems in your Plesk Panel including issue with using Horde Webmail. These issues occur because php 5.3 is not standard to the operating system and this is also the reason Parallels does not provide it by default.

            You can switch to it, but you must be aware that it can create other issues which can be difficult for support staff to troubleshoot and may require reverting completely if they cannot be resolved.

            It is known to work for most things however and I understand that the latest version of WordPress even requires it.

            As always, make a backup and then run the following command line action:
            /usr/local/psa/admin/sbin/autoinstaller --select-release-current --install-component php53

            See: KB Parallels: How to enable PHP5.3 support on the Parallels Plesk Panel server for details.


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              The Latest Software

              Your website says that you offer "the latest software". However, I'm only able to run PHP 5.2.17.

              I don't necessarily require the latest software (even though you advertise "Cutting Edge Software"), but version 5.2.17 is so old that it is no longer supported.

              I think your website might be a bit misleading.



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                Hi Shane,
                "Latest" is dependent heavily on the operating system involved not to mention Plesk has some control over this as well. For CentOS 5, that version of PHP is the latest. There's one later which you can switch to as previously mentioned using command line and you're welcome to do so but there wouldn't be anything we could do to correct bugs that would appear as a result since it is not an official CentOS 5 package.

                Debian VPS' support the later version as well. Were you having trouble running that update command? What were you hoping to run using that later version of PHP?


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                  The Latest Software

                  I haven't run the update command, because I didn't want to break any dependencies.

                  I think I understand the issue with PHP being dependent on the OS; however, I still think that advertising the "latest software" is a bit misleading.

                  How can I find out which version of CentOS 5 I'm running? Do you have any servers running CentOS 6?



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                    Regarding CentOS 6 (and Debian 6), adding support for these relies on the next version of Virtuozzo supported in our Provisioning environment. It's currently in the testing phase in our dev environment. Once testing is complete and there are no outstanding issues, we'll be able to schedule the roll-out and upgrade for our clients.


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                      Originally posted by sgoodman View Post
                      How can I find out which version of CentOS 5 I'm running?
                      Try this: How to check your CentOS version?


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                        @Tim Attwood

                        Any updates on the upgrade to centos 6? I'm curious if there is a roadmap to a release date and how to get scheduled for an update?


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                          We will very soon be offering CentOS 6 but I'm afraid an upgrade option may not be available as it is strongly recommended by CentOS to perform a fresh install.

                          HowTos/MigrationGuide - CentOS Wiki