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How often do outages occur? How reliable is the myhosting VPS environment? Page Title Module
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  • How often do outages occur? How reliable is the myhosting VPS environment?

    I'm a recent subscriber to myhosting, and apparently my timing is not very good. My site has been up for a couple of days and now we have an outage that's been going for 6 hours so far.

    I'd appreciate some candid information on the reliability of the myhosting VPS service. How are other people's experience?

    Thanks for your replies. Rick

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    me too. just signed 3 weeks ago. at least outage twice, each time more than 5 hours.

    would be great to know how often this happened in the past one year.

    thank you.


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      Scheduled outages should appear in the blog...

      I've subscribed to site24x7 monitoring service - so I get an email if any unscheduled outages occur.



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        Yes indeed, I recommend highly that you subscribe to the status blog; it will consistently be the most up to date resource for outages planned and unplanned.


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          Your not answering my many outages on the VPS

          I don't need to be alerted when the system is down - I need the system to never go down.

          Please respond to the question posted. How many times has the VPS system had an outage in the last year? I understand this is not a trivial question, but please give me a summary - how many full outages and how many node outages?

          Thank you.


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            Hi rrokosh,

            To answer your question (and this is specific to Windows VPS on Hyper-V), up and until the last month when this issue began with the cluster, our uptime for all clients of this product was impeccable. And, to be clear, this issue of late has been one single issue which we have Microsoft Premium support working side by side with us to correct. We’ve begun migrating affected VPS’ off of the cluster which will correct these issues until they can be completely resolved.

            This is a recourse after many other attempts.

            We completely understand, however, that it is absolutely crucial to deliver a permanent resolution to this ongoing problem. Please rest assured that we hold our partners accountable for the commitments made, and we are confident that Microsoft’s team will do everything possible to address the issues once and for all. We will post a post-mortem report as more information becomes available.

            Please keep an eye on:


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              That said, we do sincerely apologize for any issues you have and/or are experiencing in the meantime.


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                I've had my VPS go down once outside of the larger outage recently, about a month ago. Server was completely unresponsive for about 6 hours, no reason given when it was resolved.

                Outside of that, there have been 3 instances where one of my Static IPs (Not the primary) has stopped routing to my server. Again, support fixes the issue, but never gives any explanation.

                Also, every time my server reboots, the RAM it recognizes is different, and I have to submit a ticket to have "The resources updated".

                All in all, it's been a rocky ride, but I'm hoping it's just bad timing.


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                  Hi Karlos,

                  What do you mean by "the RAM it recognizes is different"? We do run our windows servers with Dynamic Memory which means your displayed RAM indicated on your machine will only be the highest it has been since your last boot. Perhaps that clarifies it?


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                    Originally posted by jeremya View Post
                    Hi Karlos,

                    What do you mean by "the RAM it recognizes is different"? We do run our windows servers with Dynamic Memory which means your displayed RAM indicated on your machine will only be the highest it has been since your last boot. Perhaps that clarifies it?
                    I'm actually surprised to hear that dynamic memory is being used. In an internal Hyper-V Server I can absolutely see the reasoning behind using dynamic memory. In a hosted VPS environment however, customers are paying for dedicated RAM and Hard drive space. The only reason I can see to use dynamic memory is if the resources are being oversold on each node. I understand that as memory is needed Huper-V will allocate more memory until the purchased limit is hit, but this still seems unusual.

                    In any case, when I spoke to support about this, they didn't mention dynamic memory and rather said they had to "Run Resource tool kit". See their response below:

                    "We have Run Resource tool kit on your server to show the updated RAM on your server. Now your server shows full amount of RAM..."


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                      Hi Karl,

                      I'm not sure what our support team meant by that, but we do use Dynamic Memory as of

                      We heavily monitor our servers in general and for RAM usage and if there were any concerns that purchased RAM levels couldn't be met this would be addressed well in advance.


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                        Hi Jeremy,

                        That makes sense, I didn't see that mentioned anywhere else on the site.

                        Funny timing, as I was reading that article I got a notification that Node 31 (Which my server is hosted on apparently) will be down for about 90 minutes to replace a faulty memory chip (

                        This sort of conflicts with the statement made in the post you mentioned:

                        HA (High Availability) Clustered Environment – Whether by routine maintenance on the host machine, or a hardware failure, client Hyper-V virtual servers will remain available during such outages as they’re automatically moved to another host machine as soon as a problem is detected. This can result in as little as a single ping loss during transition!


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                          Hi Karl,

                          This is true unfortunately, our cluster has been having considerable problems in the last while that we have been unable to resolve with Microsoft support to a degree we are satisfied with. As a result, we have begun migrating users off of the cluster until those issues can be addressed. We had been running Hyper-V servers with an incredible deal of success prior to making use of the clustered environment so it was decided best to revert this for the current time.


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                            Microsoft the party spoiler