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Reference Number: AA-00303 Created: 2012-09-19 18:31 Last Updated: 2012-10-02 08:12 0 Rating/ Voters

The files and folders that are set up by default for a Windows 2003 web hosting account (activated before February 28, 2008) are:

Directory Sub-Dir/Files Descriptions
CGI-BIN   Script and execution permission in IIS Read, write and execution permission in NTFS. So you can place your script and database.


Sample *.GIF's graphics to be used by counter.exe
  Counter.exe Free

Counter script

  Counter.txt Explanation on how to use counter.exe
  Sendmail.asp Free ASP script for "FORM-TO-EMAIL"
FPDB   Script permission in IIS, Read and write permission in NTFS. It's mostly for databases used by FrontPage
FTP   For

anonymous FTP

  Test.txt Test

file for FTP access

W3SVC   For your

website log files

  Exyymm.log It will keep your record of logging your site if you enable logging.
robots.txt   Text file put by our default system. Most of the search engines rely on robots.txt to decide which folders of your site to index.
index.html   This is a temporary default page.
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