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RPCHTTP.vbs File

Reference Number: AA-00455 Created: 2012-09-19 14:50 Last Updated: 2012-12-16 22:45 0 Rating/ Voters

Our RPCHTTP.vbs file is perfectly safe. The function of this file is to enable RPC over HTTP for use with your Hosted Exchange Email account. Some Anti-Virus software like AVG Anti-Virus may falsely identify the file as a virus named "VBS\Anvicop". If this happens, you can still run the script by exiting your Anti-Virus software, running the script, and then re-enabling your Anti-Virus software.

If you are at all unsure about doing this, please feel free to use our Manual Configuration settings which do not require the use of the RPCHTTP.vbs script. The Manual Configuration will allow you to set up your account without using any scripts, simply by enabling various settings and options within Outlook 2003/Outlook 2007.

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