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If you want to update your website with an FTP program (most other website editors use this method) you'll need the following information:

  • FTP Host:]
  • User Name: Your account username
  • Password: Your account password

Replace "" with your actual domain name. Please refer to your "Account Ready" email for your username and password. If you have lost this email, please contact Customer Support at Please send in your request for your password from the email address that you first signed up your account with or you may be asked to perform some verification procedures.

The specific steps on how to use FTP to update your website depend on which FTP or website editing program you are using. You will have to refer to the documentation for that program to find out how to do this. We also provide some guides for common FTP programs here.

File Manager

To update your website using your File Manager, please do the following:

  1. Go to you Control Panel at
  2. Log in with your domain name and account password.
  3. Click on Site Management.
  4. Click on Website Tools.
  5. Click on File Manager.

A pop up window should show up that acts much like Windows Explorer. For specific instructions on how to use the File Manager, please refer to the help files in that window. If the File Manager window does not show, please make sure that you have temporarily disabled any pop up blocking software you have installed as it can interfere with the File Manager code. You can re-enable your pop up blocking software once you are done updating your website.

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