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Upgrade, Downgrade, Cancel

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Upgrade and Downgrade

To upgrade/downgrade your hosting plan, please follow the instructions provided below:

  1. Login to your customer control panel at
  2. Click on Account on the top of the page
  3. Click on Subscriptions
  4. Click on the plan you wish to change
  5. Click on Switch Plan
  6. Select the plan type you wish to switch to and click on Choose Service Plan
  7. You then need to select your billing term and click on Select Period
  8. Click on Place Order


All cancellations are handled by our Customer Support Relations Department that is available during business hours. In the meantime you can contact our Customer Support Department by telephone, chat and email to assist you with getting started on the cancellation process.

Resource Upgrades and Downgrades

Adding/Cancelling add-on resources like Exchange Email, Backups Services etc

You can manage the resources allocated to each plan from within your Customer Control Panel billing section. This will allow you to purchase additional resources including FTP users, backups, mailboxes and much more!

  1. Login to your customer control panel at
  2. Click on Account on the top of the page
  3. Click on Buy Additional Resources
  4. Click the plan you wish to edit resources on and Click Next
  5. Modify the resource you want to Upgrade / Downgrade by using the arrow buttons
  6. Click on Next and Place Order

Does canceling Hosting cancel the Domain Name Registration?

No, you own the domain. When the account is cancelled, the DNS entry is deleted, as well as the files associated with the hosting account. However, you can transfer your domain to another host by changing the name servers and technical contact. The WHOIS record will still show our name servers after the account is cancelled, until they have been changed to your new host's name servers.

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