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Disabling WHOIS Privacy Resource

Reference Number: AA-00590 Created: 2012-09-20 11:57 Last Updated: 2012-10-05 07:40 0 Rating/ Voters

The purpose of this article will assist you with disabling the WHOIS privacy resource for your domain, under your onCloud account.

  1. Log into your control panel at
  2. Select All Domains from the drop down menu
  3. Click on Registered Domains
    image: step3-DomainManagement.png
  4. Click on the Domain you wish to manage
  5. Click on Resources image: step6-ResourceTab.png
  6. Under the Resources tab, use the drop down to select On or Off and click Next
  7. Click on the Place order button
    image: step7-downgraderesource.png
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