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Reference Number: AA-00592 Created: 2012-09-20 11:57 Last Updated: 2012-10-05 07:39 0 Rating/ Voters

With you can have multiple domain names pointing to a single hosting account. This is a feature known as a "Domain Hosting". Simply by typing the new address in the browser (like your visitors will automatically see the content hosted on your primary website (at Or your with your new address (like your visitors will automatically see content hosted on your primary site from a sub-directory (at

Some of the features included with this type of Domain Hosting include:

  • Redirection performed at the Web Server level
  • Supports both sub-domains and top-level domains
  • Does not involve any type of scripting or browser push
  • Fast, reliable and will work with any web browser
  • Does not change your existing address or web site in any way
  • You can even set up email aliases or mailboxes on your other domains

Not only are browser connections forwarded to your domain name, but you can configure email aliases or mailboxes using your other domain names. For example you can set as a mail name for and your email will automatically be delivered to you.Or you can even set up a full mailbox for

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