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Spam & Anti-Virus Control

More than just an effective tool to combat spam, Postini is an industry leader in spam and threat management. Since every new mailbox includes full Postini virus, spam and threat control, it’s important to know just what can be achieved with such an advanced system.

Customers can rely on the following enhanced anti-spam features:

  1. Speed
    • When it comes to spam and virus control, any system could keep your mail held up like airport security checking luggage full of silverware and do a decent job of ensuring it is just silverware. But, with SPAM & Virus protection, your email is never held up by routine spam checks using Postini’s "zero-drag" technology.
  2. Accuracy
    • Even with a moving target like Spam and Virus threats on the internet, your email is safe. Postini systems are constantly updated with the latest trends by monitoring worldwide network activity to identify spam and virus trends and their sources. Similarly, reductions in those trends are monitored to ensure legitimate mail is never caught in the trap. With accuracy reaching 98% on average, you’ve got near Robin Hood precision on fast paced moving targets.
  3. Customizable
    • As with all communication, there can be overlap in what may be considered a likely threat. If only there was a system that could learn from the user to fine tune what should and shouldn’t be considered spam... Oh right, Spam and Virus protection does that! Postini’s advanced web access controls allow you to monitor all messages that get flagged as a threat and learns from the messages you deem valid.

Combined, Spam & Antivirus Control with your mailbox provides a solution like no other. Protect your data with Email Hosting powered by Microsoft Exchange and Postini.

Important: While our spam filtering software does a very good job determining whether any incoming message is truly spam or not, there is always overlap in a system where spam comes in so many forms. Our system will probably classify a small fraction of non-spam messages as spam (false positives), which can be verified in your Postini spam control web access or Spam Folder. Conversely, it will probably fail to correctly detect a fraction of spam messages (false negatives), which will wind up in your Inbox. You are responsible for reviewing your spam control settings and determining if any messages in there are not spam.

Getting rid of SPAM

You can manage your Spam and Antivirus settings by logging into the Postini interface through your customer control panel.

  1. Login at
  2. Click on Exchange Email
  3. Click on Mailboxes
  4. Click on the mailbox you wish to customize
  5. Click on Protection
    • Click on Edit to change your Postini Settings
    • Click on the URL provided to login to your Postini control panel
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