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The Basics: Backup Service Definitions & Glossary

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Archive Point

An Archive Point is basically a copy of the most recent Recovery Point, which can be used for long term data storage to provide further integrity and safe-keeping of data. It supports all of the Recovery Points' functionality.

Bare Metal

A new computer system that does not contain an operating system or any software.

Bare-Metal Restore in Server Backup

Bare-Metal Restore is the process of instantly rebuilding a computer or server from scratch after a catastrophic failure.


Deltas are the data that has changed since the last backup run. Various types of data can be treated as Deltas. It depends on how the backup application computes deltas. A delta could be a raw disk block, a variables length portion of a file or even a complete file depending on the method.

Disk Safe

To map the block deltas versions and Recovery Points, the block deltas database is used. This database is a Disk Safe. Disk Safe contains the data needed to restore the Device(s) of Server.

File Excludes

File Excludes are files and folders that a user wants to excluded from replications. The system allows to define various exclude rules while customizing the settings of a replication. The user can exclude files and folders as well.

Policy (Data Protection Policy)

Policy is assigned to a Disk Safe. It is a schedule of Disk Safe replication. You can schedule recurring Policies or create one-time Policies. The Policy starts at the time you have specified in the Policy properties. The Policy properties include information about how may Recovery Points to keep in the Disk Safe.

Recovery Point

A Recovery Point is a set of many deltas. Deltas represent the state of a disk volume block at a particular point in time. Each delta can be used by one or more Recovery Point. The relationship between Deltas and Recovery Points is maintained by the Disk Safe.

Recovery Point Retention

The rules that define how many Recovery Points to keep in the Disk Safe. Old Recovery Points are merged.


The operation of copying block level Deltas from the Server to Server Backup into a new Recovery Point. Each replication creates a point-in-time image (a Recovery Point) of the Device.


Synchronization is the process of creation of the Disk Safe point-in-time snapshot and computing Deltas based on the last completed synchronization.

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