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Windows VPS Backup Service: Getting Started Guide

Reference Number: AA-04889 Created: 2013-04-10 14:38 Last Updated: 2013-04-10 15:01 0 Rating/ Voters

This guide is for users that have already purchased the Windows VPS Backup Service (Standard or OnDemand), for those that have not yet purchased and would like to know how, see our article here: Adding Windows VPS Backup Service to your Subscription

Logging in to Manage your Windows VPS Backup Service

To access your Backup Service details and management tools:

  1. Log into your onCloud Control Panel at
  2. Ensure that your Windows VPS Subscription is selected in the Subscription dropdown menu at the top right of the control panel. If it's not, select it now.
  3. From your Windows VPS subscription home screen, you should see tabs for "Windows VPS" and "Backup Management". Click Backup Management.

The Backup Management Tab Details and Uses

The Backup Management tab provides you with the following:

Edit Button:
This feature allows you to modify the schedule of your currently purchased VPS Backup Service. You have a choice of four approximate times and the precise hour and minute set but range based upon the number of backups running at a given time.

Link to Idera Backup Panel:
This link is for users on the OnDemand Backup service only. To log in, you will need the details also provided on the Backup Management screen. If no details are provided, then you likely have our Standard VPS Backup service and just need to upgrade to take advantage of the advanced functionality provided in that panel. See our article here on upgrades here: Adding Windows VPS Backup Service to your Subscription

Restore Requests Form:
This page allows you to submit a restore request. Once submitted our team will get back to you shortly to ensure everything is in order before restoring your VPS from the selected Recovery Point. For more urgent requests or for individual file and folder recovery requests, upgrading to the OnDemand VPS Backup Service will give you instant access to your restore points and the specific files and folders therein so you can manage the restores yourself! See our article here on upgrades here: Adding Windows VPS Backup Service to your Subscription

Backup Schedule:
This is the time of day your backup jobs currently run within a specified range of time. By default it is randomized (to a specific daily time that always occurs at the same time each day) but you can set this to a more specific daily time using the Edit Button. For ultimate flexibility and control over when your backups run, you may want to consider the OnDemand VPS Backups upgrade.

Login Details:
The rest of the information on this page is to help users with our OnDemand VPS backup service log into their Backup Control Panel powered by Idera.

About Tab:
This contains general information about your Backup Management service including the number of included recovery points and backup disk space.

Additional Disk Space for Backups

Additional Disk Space for your Backups should be purchased if your VPS is using near or more than 40 GB. If your backup service does not have enough disk space, backup tasks may fail. We will do our best to notify you in these situations but it is very important that this limit be set accordingly.

To purchase additional Backup Disk Space see: Adding Windows VPS Backup Service to your Subscription

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