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Set Up BlackBerry Device

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Set Up BlackBerry Device


Most users with a BlackBerry device are well aware of the BlackBerry Enterprise service and its features.  We offer fully functional enterprise service for all of our exchange users.  All that is required is to add the service to a user, and then configure the device with the generated password. This can be easily done with just the Control Panel and your device.


Add Service

First, log in to your Control Panel at and select your subscription from the drop-down list on the upper right.

In most cases, you will not have a BlackBerry resource added to your subscription. If you have added it upon sign up, you can skip the next few steps and go right to the activating device section.

First, click on the accounts black tab up top.

There, click on the Buy Additional Resources icon.

This will take you to list of your subscriptions. There you will need to select the subscription you want to add the BlackBerry service on. Note this will be the subscription that has the email address that you wish to use with your BlackBerry. Select the subscription, and click on Next at the bottom of the page.


Now go to Exchange and Email Add-Ons to find the BlackBerry Service, you will need to increase the unit number to one or the number you need.

Now, click the Next button at the bottom of the page, to go to the invoice section.  Check the invoice to see the charges that will be applied, and click the Place Order button to add the service.

You will receive an email at your admin address to confirm the order placement.


Activate the device

First you want to add the resource to the mailbox you want to use BlackBerry service on.  Let’s go back to the Exchange Email tab up top; you will see a list of the addresses, however we only want to click on the Mobile Devices tab up top.



Now click on the BlackBerry Accounts button

If you do not have any BlackBerry accounts, you will not see any listed, however you will see the Add New Account button if the resource is available for you to add. If this button is not available and you have added the resource, this would mean that provisioning is not yet complete; simply try again later.

Once you click on the Add New Account button, you will see a list of all your exchange accounts. You will need to click the mailbox name link for the address you want to add BlackBerry service on. When you do the Select option changes to Selected; simply click next.


Next you will be asked for you activation information.

You have the option of creating your own activation password. We strongly recommend that you do, as this password is only used for activation, it is not a password to access your account.  Create a simple password, one that will not be too hard to type on the device’s little keyboard, then click Finish.

When you do, your status will be set to Creating. You will need to wait for this to show Ready before you can activate your device.


Activating the device

Now click on the BlackBerry button to get to your main page.

Then, locate the Options button on the main page. This is usually an icon of a wrench as shown below.

Now you need to choose Advanced Options from the Options menu list, where you will find Enterprise Activation.


The activation page is very simple to use and configure; all you need to do is enter the email address you have hosted with us under the Email Address field, and then enter your Enterprise Activation Password, NOT your email account password. 

Note: this password is only temporary and will not function after you activate your device, any additional activation for this device will require you to generate a new activation password.


Activations should take a few minutes; simply wait for the Activation Complete message from the device, and you will be fully synchronized with the exchange server.  Note that you may be required to register additional folders on the device if you want folders other than your inbox to synchronize with the device.


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