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Migrating your mail

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Migrating your mail



Since you will now be checking your mail with our systems, you may want to import your existing mail from your previous host.  There are several methods to do this and we will go through them all here.  In most cases you will need to have your existing host export your mail content to a PST file so that it can be easy imported into our system.  If you have a regular pop account with just an inbox then the migration will be very easy.


Access Your Control Panel

First log in to your mail server at

Once logged in, click on the Exchange tab at the top.

Once you click on the exchange tab you will see a list of your existing addresses.  You will need to create your address before you can do the migration.  If you have not created them yet, please do so now.





Migration Wizard

If already created, simply click on the Go button on the right of the mailbox you wish to import your mail from.  On the next page you will find the Mailbox Import link.



Click   to start the process.

You will be asked for the username and password of your existing mail account hosted elsewhere.  As long as your mail account is POP enabled you will be able to pull the mail from your remote inbox into the one hosted with us.

If your mail account is IMAP enabled, then you will be able to do a folder-to-folder copy as opposed to POP, which will only move the inbox records.

PST migrate

Method 1


If you have an exchange account with your existing host, you will need to do a PST import.  In order to do this you will be required to export your mail from your prior host to a PST format.  You may need to ask their support to provide the data, or instructions on how to obtain them.  Once you have obtained them simply click the exchange tab at the top

There you will find the list of your accounts: click the Go button next to the account you have received the pst file for, and click on the Import PST link.


There you will find two methods of uploading the PST to the server.  The first and simplest is the upload form found on the page. Please note that this method is only available to upload up to 50mb.  If your PST is larger than that you must use method 2, below.




Method 2


Click the Browse button on the Import page: it will open your Windows File Manager.  Simply locate the PST that was sent to you and click OK. You will see the file name in the main text field; click on Upload. 

You must now click on the Back to Import PST link when finished as you must queue the file for import. 



Please put the check in the box for your PST, and then click on the Request Import button in order to queue the PST for import.  The import may take up to 6 hours to complete, so please allow for that period to elapse before either trying again or contacting support.



Once the migration is complete you will be able to check your mail at to ensure that the messages were imported correctly.   Simply repeat the process for the number of mailboxes you wish to migrate.



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