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Configure Your Mail

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Configure Your Mail



Now that you have created your email address with us, you most likely want to configure it with your favourite mail program.  There are many mail programs available, and as such we cannot go through all of them. However, we will attempt to cover the settings you will require, and how to accomplish this with the most popular mail program: Microsoft Outlook.


Finding Settings

Log in to your Control Panel at using your Domain Name and Password.



Once you are logged in simply click on the Manage Your Email link under the Shortcuts section on the main page.

Right away, you will see your required settings for making a successful connection with the mail server.

This will be located on the right pane of the new window.


Configure your mail client

To configure your mail client you must first find the Account Settings area. In most cases, you will find this under the Tools menu option. For the program that we will be using as a demonstration, it is found under the File menu, and then the Account Settings button.


Click this button and then click on Account Settings. Now click on the New button in order to add a new account to your existing list.





Click Next on the new page leaving the option E-mail Account selected.

Select Manually Configure Server Settings so that we can enter the information provided in our control panel to your mail program.

We offer POP, or IMAP enabled account; you can choose which ever suites your needs best.  Simply use the settings provided for the protocol when configuring the account.


Leave the check in Internet E-mail and click Next.



Now fill out the information that was provided to you in the Control Panel into your mail application.

Now click on the More Settings button as you will be required to configure outgoing server settings. 


Click on the Outgoing Server tab to ensure the check box My outgoing server SMTP requires authentication is checked.  You can leave Use same settings on my incoming mail server checked.

Once you are finished you can click OK, and then use Test Account Settings to ensure that you have entered all of the information correctly.

You can now close that window, and go to your Inbox to start receiving mail


Now that you have configured your mail account with our server you will now be able to send and receive with our system. Please also note you an access mail not yet retrieved by your application when you are note at home by accessing simply enter your email address, and password to either check or send mail.

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