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Set Up BlackBerry Device

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Set Up BlackBerry Device


Most users with a BlackBerry device are well aware of the BlackBerry Enterprise Service and its features.  We offer fully functional Enterprise service for any of our Exchange users.  All that is required is to add the service to a user and then configure the device using the generated password. This can easily be done with just the Control Panel and your device.


Add service

First, log in to your control panel at and click on the Exchange tab at the top.

Once you are there, you will see a list of all of your exchange users: simply click the Go button next to the user you want to add BlackBerry service to.





You will see a page providing account information and account operations that can be done with this address.


To the right of each option you will see an Edit link: click the Edit link to the right of BlackBerry Service.  At the moment the user above does not have BlackBerry Service active.

You will be presented with an Activate BlackBerry Service button to activate the service. Note that prior to activating the service you will be shown an invoice with the changes to your bill due with the new service included. Once you have completed this, you will be presented with a page showing instructions on activating your device.

Activating the device

Click on the Blackberry button to get to your main page.

Then locate the options button on the main page. This is usually represented by an icon of a wrench as shown below.

Now you need to choose the Advanced Options from the Options menu, there you will find Enterprise Activation.


The activation page is very simple to use and configure; all you need to do is enter the email address you have hosted with us into the Email Address field, and then enter your Enterprise Activation Password, (NOT your email account password). 

Note: this password is only temporary and will not function after you activate your device. Any additional activation for this device will require you to generate a new activation password.



Activations should take a few minutes: simply wait for the Activation Complete message from the device and you will be fully synchronize with the Exchange Server.  Note that you may be required to register additional folders on the device if you want folders other than your inbox to synchronize on the device.



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