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Register Domains


As you know, you need to have a domain name in order to have a web presence of your own.  We offer domain registrar services that will allow you to register domain names and manage them as necessary.  We offer a numerous TLD for registration; if you want to see a list of them see this URL


Register the domain

Begin by logging into your control panel at and click on the Domain Name tab at the top.

After that, click on the Register a New Domain Name link on the main page.

There, you will be taken to our main signup page.


Choose the Domain Parking plan if you do not have a plan to host the domain name right away.


Next you will be requested to enter the domain name you wish to register. Simply fill out the field, and press search



Now look for the below icons as they will let your know if your domain is currently available for registration.  As the example below shows, my domain request is not available however I can register the .net version of that domain name.  If you want a new domain name altogether then just hit back and try again, if not put the check in the box you want, and then click the Continue button, which becomes available once you have selected.

Next, you will be asked to set your account password: create one and click Continue.

You must be an existing customer on the existing system in order to register the domain using this panel. Now you will be asked for your existing account information: please enter it.

Finally you will be presented with an invoice. Confirm all prices, and Click the Complete Order button to finish.


Now that your domain is registered you can either point the name server to any NS of your choice or leave the default configured one and use our name servers.  You will be able to log in to your new domains control panel and manage the records under the Domain Name tab.  Note that by default the domain name is only registered for one year, if you wish to keep it after that it must be renewed.  We will send a notification before your domain’s expiry; however, your contact information must be kept up to date in order to ensure you receive our communications.

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