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Update Name Servers

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Update Name Servers



There are times that you may want to change the name servers for your domain.  These servers store your domain records, and point traffic to the designated servers.  Often when you change hosts, you will need to update your name servers.  This guide will show you how to make this change with our registrar reseller Tucows.


Getting Access

First you will need your openSRS credentials. This can only be sent to you by request.   We do not send this to you by default. Simply send a request to requesting your domain’s openSRS credentials.  Upon the request the information will be sent to the admin address of the domain’s Whois information. Please note that this may be different from the admin address you have with us.

Logging into openSRS

First go to There you will need the information that our support department has sent to your domain’s Whois admin address.

Once you are logged in, simply click on the Manage Name Servers link on the main page.



There you will be asked to enter your new name servers: You want to remove the existing ones and replace them with your new ones. Do not add them to the list.


When you are done, simply click on the Save Configuration button at the bottom of the page.



The changes may take up to 24 hours to take effect.  If they have not yet been updated after 24 hours, please let us know so that we can investigate.  In most cases, the changes will be done in a few hours.  Once done, you must now make any DNS record changes on the new name servers you have specified.

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