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1 Bank or wire transfers

Unfortunately, we do not currently accept payment by bank or wire transfers. We currently accept payment by credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express), check, money order, or Paypal.

2 Billing and Refund Policy for Hosted Exchange Email

Fees are added at the beginning of each billing cycle to pay for the services for that billing cycle. For example, if you are on six month billing cycle, at the beginning of your billing term you will be billed for 6 months of hosting services. Since all…

3 Billing Cycle

The following information gives you the option to choose your billing period, and lets you know when your next billing date is. Browse to your Control Panel at Log on to your account using your domain name and password. If you…

4 Billing History Before 2002

Currently, we do not provide the ability for customers to retrieve their billing history prior to the year 2002 on their own thru the control panel. If you wish to retrieve your billing history, please send our Billing Department an e-mail request and they…

5 Combine or Separate domains under your account

How do I combine my domains under one account? If you have more than one domain and you would like to combine them into one account, simply send an e-mail to our Billing Department and they will assist you with the process. NOTE: Each domain under one account…

6 Credit Card

Update Credit Card To update a credit card through our secure pages please follow the instructions provided below: Browse to your Control Panel at Log on to your account using your domain nane and password. If you are a reseller…

7 Currency of Charges

What currency do you charge in? All fees charged are in US Dollars. Do you charge PST? No, we do not charge PST. Do you charge GST? GST is charged to our Canadian customers only.

8 Data Transfer and Disk Space

What happends if I go over my Data Transfer Limit You will be notified by email ahead of time when you are about to exceed your monthly data transfer allowance. At that time, you will be able to select billing options that suit your Data Transfer needs. Any…

9 Direct-withdrawal from a checking account

Sorry, we do not currently support direct-withdrawal

10 Invoice

Invoices can be retrieved at any time through our Control Panel: Browse to your control panel at: Log on to your account using your username and password. (If you are a reseller you must enter in your reseller ID.) Go to My Account…

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