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11. Always Up-To-Date (AUTD)

Always Up-To-Date in Exchange 2007 Microsoft has discontinued Always Up-To-Date (AUTD) in Exchange 2007. For Windows Mobile 2003 users, you can set ActiveSync to synchronize at 5 minute intervals. For Windows Mobile 5 and Windows Mobile 6 users, we suggest…

12. ActiveSync

What is ActiveSync? ActiveSync is a software application that allows you to synchronize information between your local Outlook client and your Windows Mobile. ActiveSync is integrated into Exchange Server 2007 and this provides you with the option of directly…

13. Activating BlackBerry Enterprise Service

Adding Blackberry service to your plan First you must add the blackberry resource to your hosting plan so that you can add it to 1 or more exchange accounts (you would need to add the Blackberry resource for the number of exchange users you wish to use within…

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