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1. FTP Client setup

FTP Upload Using FileZilla Video tutorial: Configuring your website in FileZilla Video tutorial: Managing files in FileZilla Video tutorial: Uploading files using FileZilla The following instructions cover typical usage of FileZilla. These instructions are…

2. Data Transfer

Checking Your Data Transfer Usage You can check your Data Transfer usage from your Control Panel. Go to your control panel support pages at https://support.myhosting.com. Enter your domain name and password in the appropriate field and click on the Log in…

3. Updating Web Pages

FTP If you want to update your website with an FTP program (most other website editors use this method) you'll need the following information: FTP Host: ftp.yourdomain.com] User Name: Your account username Password: Your account password Replace "yourdomain.com"…

4. Published Site Not Showing

If you have uploaded your site, but are unable to view it, a possible reason that this is taking place is that your homepage is labeled incorrectly. You should only have one webpage, your homepage. If you have two web pages, one using one of the filenames…

5. Publish your iWeb website to myhosting

How to publish your iWeb website to myhosting in 5 steps Open up your website in iWeb and follow the instructions below. Update your Publish settings by clicking your Site Name in the top left corner. Change the Publish To field to FTP Under FTP Server Settings…

6. Definition of FTP

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol, and is the process by which files are uploaded to a remote host (server) for use elsewhere, such as display on a website. FTP allows you to transfer files (upload or download) from computer to computer.

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