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1. Prevent Spammers in your blog

Spammers search for web sites that allow anonymous comments to blog entries and fill them with their spam messages. To prevent this, you will need to set your blog scripts to allow comments only from registered users. Also, many blogging scripts provide measures…

2. Special HTML Characters

Character Entity Chart for Special Characters Entity Name Numeric Code Descriptive Code Character quotation mark " " " ampersand & & & less-than sign &am

3. How to insert a flash animation to an article

Simply use the following code: <swf width="in_pixels" height="in_pixels">http://site.com/Yourfile.swf</swf> to insert your animation to your article. Here is a sample using the following: <swf width="300" height="130">http://www.flash-creations.com/notes/swf/draghit.swf</swf>…

4. How to insert a YouTube video to an article

Tag: <youtube>video</youtube> Example: You need your video file's tag. If URL for your video file is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xYHsaDDSF, then your tag will be: <youtube>xYHsaDDSF</youtube> Size: <youtube size="small">xYHsaDDSF</youtube>…

5. Updating Web Pages

FTP If you want to update your website with an FTP program (most other website editors use this method) you'll need the following information: FTP Host: ftp.yourdomain.com] User Name: Your account username Password: Your account password Replace "yourdomain.com"…

6. HTML Tutorials

Unfortunately, coding assistance is out of the scope of support by our Customer Support team. However, we have made this reference article so it's easier for you to get started. The sites listed below will provide information regarding creating web pages…

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